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Wolfville, Nova Scotia


Transmission Tower QTVR

Chris Campbell

As I mentioned early on in the life of this site, I've had a strange attraction to the Radio Canada International shortwave broadcasting station in Sackville, New Brunswick. I've stopped there a few times and taken pictures and even have taken a tour inside. Every time I drive by I want to stop, but I usually don't. On my way up to New Brunswick a week ago I stopped and made 3 QuickTime VRs that you can see now. The files are a bit big, so know that when you click on the link!
RCI Broadcasting Towers in Sackville

Close to the sign - QuickTime VR - 1.2 MB

RCI Broadcasting Tower in Sackville

On the road to the station - QuickTime VR - 1 MB

RCI Broadcasting Tower in Sackville

Close to the broadcasting station - QuickTime VR - 940 KB