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Creative Commons New Licenses

Chris Campbell

I'm a big fan of the Creative Commons project. They keep expanding the project with new licenses more specifically targeted to music and countries other than the USA. You can search for content and create your own derivative works. Many people are embracing the model of sharing and respecting the audience. Right now I'm listening to a stream from Magnatune who have built their online record label around Creative Commons licenses. The reason that I'm writing now is that they've revamped their licenses and I've revised my licensing. Now the written content on the site is licensed under an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 deed. There also is a new logo that you'll see at the bottom of the site. That means that you can use anything that I've written on the site as long as you give me credit and you aren't using it commercially and you can also modify what I've written as long as you allow others the same right. Everyone should contribute to the commons!