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Chris Campbell

CollateralMichael Mann takes a bold step into the world of HD with Collateral. More films are being shot using HD and with a filmmaker such as Mann, who makes films that look gorgeous, is a major milestone. Collateral happens at night in Los Angeles and the pixels look amazing and capture the feeling of the city at night incredibly well. Shot by Dion Beebe and Paul Cameron the content and the presentation are perfectly matched. There is something that I really like about the way a CCD captures low light. It's the same as the perfect fit of Anthony Dod Mantle's cinematography in the DV world of 28 Days Later.
Collateral isn't about the technique and it isn't an action movie either. It's really an existential drama that throws two men together for one night in a cab. Jamie Foxx is great as the cab driver and in an early scene with Jada Pinkett Smith I loved the way all of the parts worked. This is great acting, directing and cinematography all combined together.