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Wolfville, Nova Scotia


Kayaking in Keji

Chris Campbell

Kayaking in KejiI live in the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia, which is one of the most amazing, beautiful places in the world. Yesterday I went to Kejimkujik National Park which is about 90 minutes away from Wolfville (giving distance in units of time is a Canadianism that I've recently become aware of). Even though I've lived in Nova Scotia for 4 years now, I've never gone to Keji as it's affectionately called. It's an amazing place. It's sad, but all too often we miss the wonderful places and things that are close to us. Keji has camping, hiking trails and boat rentals and is very affordable. I'm definitely going to go back and explore the park and maybe even get a tent and stay there. I'm more of a hotel person than camping person, but maybe I'll change a bit.
To capture some moments without the fear of ruining an expensive digital camera, I bought a cheap digital camera that is also submersible. While it removed the fear of the camera being splashed by water, the pictures look like pictures taken with a cheap digital camera. But part of me likes the grainy, impressionistic images from it.