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Chris Campbell

It's tricky when
you feel someone
has done
something on your behalf

Björk is a fairly unique and talented individual. Her new CD, Medúlla is built around her distinctive voice. While it's not completely acapella, it's a fascinating collection of soundscapes and minimalist lyrics that I really like. I heard the track and saw the video for "Oceania" and I fell in love with it. This can be a dangerous thing as the rest of the songs may not be as enjoyable. The interesting thing is that the other tracks on Medúlla aren't a lot like "Oceania", which is probably the most mainstream of the songs, but I love the diversity of the other songs. Each song takes you on a little journey with amazing stereo explorations of sonic and emotional spaces. The design of the CD by M/M is beautiful as well with a striking photograph of Björk on the cover by Inez & Vinoodh. I find that Medúlla is the perfect way for me to take a break from everything that tends to swirl around me every day.