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One of the signs that things are maturing with information on the Web is that things are becoming much more closely linked together. A few days ago I was thinking that Technorati's watchlists were cool and today they unleashed their tags. I'm very impressed. One of the things that I've been wanting for a little while is a way to tag blog entries. Categories are good, but after using and Flickr I've started to realize that having more than one way to classify is a good thing. But having multiple tags doesn't really do a lot for you unless you can do something with it and now you can. I'm sure that blogging systems will quickly evolve and you'll choose tags and categories (there are already plugins), but it's fascinating to watch the development of folksonomy happen so rapidly. It was neat when I was able to see my Flickr photos show up beside my things on 43 things. But that's nothing compared to looking at Flickr photos, blog entries and links all together on the same page. I really fell in love with tags when I looked at the view of tags on Flickr where the font size of the tags reflect their popularity. Technorati has the same thing and as more people tag stuff it will be a great way to visualize what people are talking about. It's developing so rapidly that Technorati Tags have rolled out before it was completely done, so there aren't RSS feeds yet.
Another example of how fast things happen now: from the time the first notice I saw in my feeds (on Joho) to the afternoon, Matt from Oddiophile whipped up a bookmarklet to create tags (and I have to change my stylesheet to incorporate this new class). I used it for my first tagged post over at bitdepth digest and I'll use it to paste the code in this entry as well (which I'm writing in BBEdit). Tags and Technorati - this rocks so hard.
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