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Chris Campbell

One thing that I've noticed is that I'm increasing my presence online. I don't know if the quality is increasing or if it is just more stuff, but I think that one of the reasons that I'm more prolific now is that is easier. I love using Blosxom to blog because I can create the entries with any text editor, but I always use BBEdit to write for bitdepth. But the bitdepth entries aren't as frequent as I wanted them to be, but now with my increased use of Blogger for Screen Arts and now bitdepth digest, I blog more often using Blogger. The other things that I use often are Flickr and, increasingly, 43 Things. One thing that all these sites have in common are their fairly flexible and open APIs, which allows the information and the sites to interact with other applications and sites. What it means practically is that I now am able to blog using Flickr and 43 Things and to have Flickr images automatically show up on my 43things page as well as here on bitdepth.
Very exciting things are also happening with Technorati adding watchlists where you can follow discussions in the blogosphere based on keywords. I keep track of just about all of this stuff using NetNewsWire as if there isn't an RSS feed, I'm not as interested in it as I don't want to spend the time looking around to see if anything has changed. While Flickr and 43things are very fun and aren't technically oriented, Technorati is a geeky data-rich backend that is starting to have some very cool applications built on their API.
So the exciting thing now is that we're moving away from needing to use one application to view and share and just find and create and share. It's exciting when you don't have to code or understand how to code to use things (but if you can, it's even more exciting now as you have a lot more to play with).