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Wolfville, Nova Scotia


Presence and Absence

Chris Campbell

I haven't been here for a long time. My plan was to write a lot during the Atlantic Film Festival, but I didn't. I wrote more in my Moleskine than online, and I'm thinking that in the long run it will be better, since I'll have more thoughtful writing here than rushing to put something up quickly.
It's interesting that I was able to keep posting a bit on 43things and 43places, and Flickr which have lower barriers to contribute. So I haven't disappeared online completely, but just changed where I am. Maybe podcasting will make it easier or posting from a cell phone... maybe next year, but now I'm still text and image based, so I'll keep doing that. So things will start up here again soon and I'll go back to my notebook and start posting more here. There's a lot to write about and many great films to see, so thanks for reading this and see you all soon.