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SidewaysAt times when I was watching Sideways I felt as if I was watching an infomercial for California wine, but overall it's an entertaining look at a somewhat unlikely friendship between a writer who teaches and an actor. One of the things that I liked about the film was that it didn't go into depth about why they are friends, which is good. It's not relevant to the story, so we didn't see it. There are some nice subtle touches like that throughout the film which I appreciated. But there are also things that aren't so subtle, so overall it's not a great film, but a very good one. The characters and performances are finely-tuned with Paul Giamatti delivering another great curmudgeonly performance with a great chemistry with Thomas Hayden Church who manages to bring a bit of sympathy to his philandering character. There are some great moments between the characters as their deal with middle age, but occaisional lapses into slapstick are funny, but overall it could have been a bit shorter and more focussed on the characters instead of the situations.
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