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The Tipping Point

Chris Campbell

The Tipping PointI love Malcolm Gladwell's writing and while his best known and most influential book is The Tipping Point, I hadn't read it until a few months ago. I picked it up because I knew that I was going to be reading Blink as soon as Carolyn finished reading it. The Tipping Point is a great exploration of the idea of rapid change and epidemics. It's about people and ideas and how some things can rapidly change and other things don't change at all. The way that Gladwell tells the story and explores the ideas is through fascinating people that he meets. What I love about the book is that it made me think about all sorts of things that I've been seeing develop lately from Moleskine notebooks to podcasting to RSS feeds to tagging. It's fascinating to see how obscure films or web sites or ideas take hold and spread rapidly, even though they may have been dormant for a long time. Tracing this stuff is a lot of fun. I love it when you can apply ideas from a book to new things, which is probably an indication that the book is fairly solid and won't seem to be dated as time goes by. I love the way the Gladwell thinks and now I'm reading Blink and loving that as well.
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