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Chris Campbell

There is something neat about a paper magazine. I often forget about that as so much of what I read now is on a screen. It's very nice to be able to sit down and read through a magazine and with O'Reilly's Make, now I am spending a lot of time reading a paper magazine. The only other magazine that I regularly read is 2600, which I've been reading for a long time. But 2600 is mostly text-based and filled with all sorts of great information and opinion. What is fascinating about Make is that it's very visual and while much of the information is current, it will be useful for a long time because it's filled with lots of interesting projects to make.
I stopped reading Wired magazine regularly a few years ago, but during the first few years the feeling that I had reading it was the same feel that I have now reading Make. What I think is happening now and is happening then is that the magazines have captured the zeitgeist of the time (or at least of what I'm interested in) and they help understand and magnify what the readers are want to hear about and do. When combined with the web site and the Make: blog it's a neat way to harness the ways that people can hack and build and understand the world.
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