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The Agronomist

Chris Campbell

The AgronomistWhether he's making a thriller, a comedy, a drama, a music documentary or a documentary, Jonathan Demme is able to bring together the elements to create something interesting that also makes a statement. Demme tells the story of Jean Dominique in The Agronomist. It's a great documentary that carefully introduces the charismatic radio owner, broadcaster, and journalist as well as establishing the context of the situation in Haiti. In watching the film I found out about a man as well as a country with politics much more complicated than I thought. Jean Dominique is fascinating to watch in the film in archival footage and in several interviews. He had a great sense of how to be a journalist who could take a stand and speak (as well as listen) to people. The film also weaves in the story of Michele Montas, who was Dominique's partner in life as well as in running and reporting as part of Radio Haiti. It is a moving story about passion and the courage to do what is right in the face of danger.
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