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StrikeFilmmaking is a collaborative art that builds upon other media and the work that has come before. There are certain filmmakers who advance the art and have a powerful influence either directly or indirectly on those who follow. Sergei Eisenstein is one of those filmmakers. In Strike he tells the story of a factory strike in Czarist Russia. It's propaganda, but filled with bold techniques and experimentation. The editing of the film is outstanding with some very obvious symbolism, but also with sequences that are cut with a rapid pace. Many of the techniques that are still used were pioneered by Eisenstein. The easiest (and most effective) way to suggest violence and action is through rapid cuts juxtapositions. While Eisenstein's theory of montage and his demonstration of it in his films is well-known, it's easy to forget that he wasn't innovative in terms of montage. He also was able to construct memorable sequences that flowed very well and are textbook examples of how to put shots together.
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