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Wolfville, Nova Scotia


Bad Metaphor

Chris Campbell

I'm very happy to announce the launch of the Bad Metaphor podcast. I've been playing with all of the parts of it for a while and it's time to release it into the world. The process was slow, but there was a lot of learning along the way which was very fun. The podcast means that I have yet another domain, which is at the logically named and I'm running that site with the wonderful and powerful blogging system known as Typo on Textpattern's servers. It's cool to be on the cutting edge with things that are changing quickly.
The podcast itself has slowly evolved over the last few months and now it's a collaboration between me and my son, John, who is 9. The final push came during a podcaster meetup in Halifax when I was able to meet and talk with podcasters from the area. Tod Maffin was intrigued by the possibilities of a 9 year old asking questions. That made it click for me so, John and I recorded the podcast and now it's launched.
The earlier inspiration for the podcast came from m-c Turgeon who does the Vu d'Ici / Seen From Here podcast. It made me realize that what's important isn't creating an elaborate production, but to have fun and share your voice. It's taken me back a bit to my earlier days when I was able to host a few radio shows on a college radio station. But now it's a lot more exciting because it's getting easier and easier to share what you create and that's going to change the world. So check out Beginnings and subscribe to follow us on the journey.