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Being Online

Chris Campbell

Presence online is a interesting thing as we put various parts of ourselves online and share different words, images, sounds and video. Habits change as new trends and tools emerge. As you may have notice, I haven't written here for a long time. While I have been online in other places such as Flickr, 43 Things, Bad Metaphor, and more recently, Vox, I haven't wanted to give up this site, which is where it pretty much started. One of the things on my to-do list has been to upgrade and change the system that this runs to make it easier to post. But I haven't gotten around to it, but maybe I will do it soon. In some ways I'm amazed at the durability of blosxom in keeping things running with a simple Perl script. Ultimately it will probably migrate to Typo, since I love how it works and looks, but now Blosxom is fine.
Maybe I haven't been here since I don't have comments, so the feedback is infrequent. Maybe it's because the other places that I've been have a lower barrier to post. Or maybe I just needed a bit of a change. It's been an exciting year and while it doesn't look so here, it's the most that I've written, photographed, recorded and published online. It also doesn't look as though it will reduce a lot in the next while either.
So now I finally come back to bitdepth before my annual year-end posts to look back at the past year. Thanks for sticking around and I'll pop in here more over the next while.
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