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Bitdepth is Four

Chris Campbell

bitdepth is fourLooking at the date I realize that I've had this blog up and running for four years now. It's the beginning of year five and I looked back over some of what I had written. I tended to ramble more in the past, but the focus more recently on this site has been on films. My posting times tend to be variable, but I'm still using the same tools. The site is served up with the same Blosxom script by Rael Dornfest that I've been running for a few years and I still write the posts in BBEdit. I am planning to move over to Typo, which I like very much, but I have to import all of the entries first, so I'm waiting until I have time to do that.
What has changed is that I'm posting more online in other places. Flickr has added a whole visual dimension to what I do online and the Blogger-hosted Bitdepth Digest is a place to post shorter things. A more frequent presence is also maintained through 43 Things, and then 43 Places, and 43 People and especially All Consuming, where I now keep track of (mainly) the films that I consume. The other big change is the podcast that my son John and I do at Bad Metaphor. Podcasting didn't exist when I started this, but it's definitely around now.
Thanks for reading, stay in touch, and I'll write more soon.