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Chris Campbell

Burlap-wrapped SchwagToday I received my first shipment from Valleyschwag. It's a fascinating idea of subscribing and have a random package that includes at least one t-shirt and a range of other promotional material from Silicon Valley companies in the mail. I signed up as soon as I heard about five weeks ago it and a lot of other people did too which seemed to slow things down a bit. I was also billed for my second month before the first month arrived, but now that I have a new t-shirt, it's ok and next month should be much better. For me it's a great way to get some more t-shirts and other promotional stuff that I collect like a pack rat. I documented my opening of Valleyschwag Issue 2 and in my first package I got a Rubyred Labs (the people who created and run Valleyshwag) t-shirt, a couple of stickers (including a FeedBurner one!), a temporary tatoo, a Livejournal pencil and Movable Type keychain, as well as some neat-looking puzzle cards from Perplex City. The whole project is being written about and documented through the Chronicles of Valleyschwag as well as all over the web. The team that has pulled this together seems like a great group of people and it's neat to watch how the popularity exploded so quickly and how they are responding to it.