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Chris Campbell

There are many places to upload and share video now and it's very easy to view and create it too. But a while ago I found and liked it right away because of the people, the technology and how they do things. What was surprising to me was how everything that I wanted to do was in when I started using it. I could cross-post to a blog, I could cross-post to the Internet Archive, and I could set the licensing and add a Creative Commons license to video. They also transcode video to Flash to let you view it just about anywhere. It's made me shoot and upload more video, which I'm enjoying a lot.
Those are reasons to use to upload video, but what makes them rock is that they're a small and committed group of cool people who are doing this. You can have the best technology in the world, but without the people you've got a big, empty machine. I sent a note to them when I mentioned on commandN and 2 of the 5 founders emailed me back right away thanking me. The support from is amazing and fast with apparently a very small core group of people. I had a small problem when I was uploading some video and sent an email. Within an hour I had a response, and from the time that Jared (one of the cofounders) had started writing the email to me to when he sent it, the problem was fixed. Now that's remarkable service for something that is free.
So now I've been trying to make and share more things on my blog and it's a great tool that encourages you to create more. Thanks, you guys rock!
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