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Wolfville, Nova Scotia


Changing Bitdepth

Chris Campbell

When I started this site in May of 2002, I was using Rael Dornfest's amazing Blosxom script that takes text files and converts them into postings. It's worked without a hitch for over five years, but I've been wanting to use a more comprehensive system for a while now. Yesterday I installed WordPress and migrated over. Importing my previous posts was a bit of a pain, but I was able to do it. The biggest changes are in the look and in the addition of comments to the site. One of the reasons that I haven't been here as much over the past while is probably the lack of comments and interaction as there is nothing like an audience to motivate you and I've been spending more time where I'm connecting with people.
Things have changed a lot with web hosting and blogging systems over the past five years. Configuring and installing systems is much easier now and for many people, they won't have to use MySQL commands or even use the terminal to set up and configure things. I think that I've struck a good balance between a system that I install myself and can configure and change without a lot of effort.
Now instead of using a text editor for posts, I'm using MarsEdit and I have to say that it is a fun and geeky day for me and I hope to be writing more and to be hearing from you as well. Thanks for being here and enjoy the new look and site.