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Wolfville, Nova Scotia


small, specific, and real

Chris Campbell

leafinweb.jpgWhat makes something compelling in any form, mediated or not? Popularity means an audience but in that crowd, people form the connection.

Memories are not big. They are made of glances, touches, sounds, tastes, and smells. Shared transient moments that resonate in our heart.

Stories we love have details that are unique and individual. They're the seeds inside narratives that grow - a time, a place, a person.

Authenticity is vital. We crave the truth on many levels and when someone shares something, they are vulnerable and it is a leap of faith.

Twitter started me thinking about this as it forces you to cram things into a very small and specific box of 140 characters.

Constraints boil things down to what is essential in the same way that maple syrup is formed from boiling the sap from the maple tree.

We connect with things that are small, specific, and real. It's the essence of good storytelling as we share mediated bits of ourselves.