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Wolfville, Nova Scotia


Touched by an iPod

Chris Campbell

When I got my iPod with video a few years ago it changed the way that I related to the music that I listened to. While it had video capability, I never really used it for a lot of video. But it became my constant driving companion and preferred way of listening to podcasts. The iPod has always been a remarkable example of minimalist design, but with the iPod Touch, Apple takes it to the next level.
My combination birthday / Christmas present this year was a 32 GB iPod Touch and I absolutely love it. The applications are great and the wireless connectivity is changing the way I do a lot of stuff online. The first application that I purchased was the Premium version of Twitterific, which I use all the time. I keep up to date with my feeds with NetNewsWire and with Apple's Mail I check my Gmail. I'm writing this on my iPod (obviously) with the WordPress app, but I'm eagerly anticipating the iPhone version of MarsEdit. I haven't done a lot of actual productive stuff yet (aside from staying up-to-date with email and news) but I think that I'll be doing a lot more.