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Top Ten Films of 2008

Chris Campbell

un_conte_de_noel.jpg2008 was another good year for film with many solid entries and it was probably one of the easier years for me to come up with a list of favourites for the year and to carefully consider what should and shouldn't be on the list. Here in roughly descending order are my top ten films: Un Conte de Noël (A Christmas Tale), Synecdoche, New York, Visioneers, Frozen River, Tell No One, Rachel Getting Married, Be Kind Rewind, Man on Wire, Milk, and Slumdog Millionaire. If there are any themes that run through the films maybe it would be love, family, relationships and obsession, which is the stuff our lives are made of. The films looked and sounded gorgeous and were filled with beautiful moments and great performances. Read on for the reasons why these are my favourite films of the year and for the runners up that almost made my list.