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Wolfville, Nova Scotia


The Return of Bad Metaphor

Chris Campbell

bmlogo144.jpgA few years ago my son John and I started an audio podcast called Bad Metaphor where we talked about technology and growing up and any other things that John was interested in. But we procrastinated and while John kept working on different themes and came up with topics, I never got around to actually recording more of them.

The site lapsed (it was built using Typo) and I stopped updating it. But in the new year I resolved to start it up again and I dusted off the site and now Bad Metaphor Episode 10: Procrastination is out in the world. The archives are also available, so now it's all up and running and we will hopefully be able to keep up with a regular publication schedule and rebuild our audience. In the whole process I found that I really love WordPress (it was ridiculously simple to set up, so now I have two sites running two separate installations of WP), but that setting up an audio podcast now seems to be more complicated than video. The hosting provider I used before isn't doing it any more and there aren't a lot of free places to host audio files (with one very notable exception). The files are all hosted in the Internet Archive, which is faster than it was a few years ago and it's where I like to put stuff to share.