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Top Ten New-to-Me Films for 2008

Chris Campbell

belmondo_and_leaud.jpgI know it's late for these lists, but I made it a while ago and just remembered that I didn't write about. Each year there are many films that I view and one of my ongoing projects is to catch up on older films that I haven't seen or films that have received critical acclaim. They get added to the list and then when they show up it's usually a pleasant surprise. If I like a director or actor I'll try to find more of their work, which is how a lot of the films that are on my list got there. The most interesting films I discovered in 2008 (in reverse historical order) are: Day Night Day Night, Monkey Warfare, La Moustache, Little Fish, Bright Future, Esther Kahn, All About My Mother, La Haine, I Can't Sleep, and Pierrot Le Fou. Four of the films are English language, four are French language, one is Japanese and one is Spanish. Most have a degree of ambiguity and all of them are well-shot. The cinematic world is so much easier to explore now that there are so many films on DVD.