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Bitdepth is now 7

Chris Campbell

I suppose 7 is a lucky number, and I can't let an opportunity pass to start posting again, so what can be said about this blog turning 7?
It appears that a lot of my bloggy energy is dissipated due to Twitter and Tumblr as well as 43 Things. Maybe I'm not as focussed on writing or haven't had the time to reflect and write properly. Are we all becoming addicted to smaller screens and the constraints of 140 characters?
There is the more instant gratification of sending something out and getting a response. It happens with a blog, but with Twitter you can send a few more out and it can feel more conversational. But I still do like to seek out writing that is longer and sometimes more thoughtful and I enjoy writing that.
The good thing about birthdays and anniversaries is that it gives you a chance to take a pause, reflect and think about where you are. So now I'm here, thinking that it's good that I have a home on the web and glad that the tools and process for putting things here is so simple that I can move from computer to computer, or device to device and read, write and create in many different and simpler ways. So now it's easier to create and connect with the amazing people that are out there (like you). Now it's time to write something a bit more interesting than writing about blogging.