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I Am Love

Chris Campbell

I Am LoveTilda Swinton is stunningly beautiful and utterly captivating in the deliciously melodramatic I Am Love. In Luca Guadagnino's film she is the fire that burns at the heart of it. Playing a Russian emigre who has married in to a wealthy Italian family, she speaks Italian with a Russian accent as she begins to question her life and happiness and finds herself.

Sensuously shot with music that is over the top and operatic, the film slowly exposes the small dissatisfactions and secrets within the family that grow as she becomes increasingly in touch with her own feelings. The complex family drama is integrated in to her story as the parallels and contrasts grow throughout the episodic story. Everything in the film is meticulous and beautiful from the shots to the locations to the clothing to the food. It's a tragic treat to watch and savour.