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Being the Change: Building a Culture of Peace

Chris Campbell

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Starting on Wednesday, July 7 at 7pm with a free public lecture by Alyn Ware, a conference built around peace begins at Mount Saint Vincent University. Being the Change: Building a Culture of Peace is a four-day conference that has a focus on peace education, women's activism, and the disarmament movement. The conference has a great range of speakers and participants who will be discussing a range of topics to develop some practical and concrete steps that can be taken to build a culture of peace.

I'll be blogging and photographing and sending updates via Twitter during the conference as well as being on a panel on Friday afternoon.

Thursday and Friday are filled with workshops and it all wraps up on Saturday with a field trip to Pugwash to find out more about the Pugwash Movement, sparked by Lord Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein. It should be a great conference filled with ideas, interesting people and ideas for making the world a better and more peaceful place.