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Wolfville, Nova Scotia


iPhone 4

Chris Campbell

My iPhone 4

Being on the cutting edge of technology is something I really enjoy, but in terms of gadgets there is a bit of restraint. That's why there isn't an iPad in the house and recently I took the leap and finally purchased an iPhone. Waiting was a good thing. The transition from iPod Touch (2nd generation) to iPhone isn't a huge leap, but being constantly connected is quite amazing. The timing was perfect with my previous mobile contract being up, giving the flexibility to choose any of the mobile providers for service. While I didn't camp out or line up, there was a bit of research that was done to figure out which provider would be best and where a theoretical iPhone could be purchased. The chosen provider was Telus and it looked as though the store in New Minas would be good. On July 29, launch day in Canada, they expected their shipment in between 2 and 3 in the afternoon. But I was going to be leaving for a trip earlier than that and didn't want to wait. As the stories of people waiting in lines started to trickle out, I stopped in to Future Shop at lunchtime to see if they had any. Luckily they did and without a line. 15 minutes later there was a 32 GB iPhone 4 in my pocket. The first thing you notice is the screen. It's bright and sharp. The next thing is the speed. It feels a lot faster than my iPod Touch, both with the apps and everything online. It's an amazing device. The signal strength is good and the antenna problem doesn't seem to be that big. But the phone part is the least interesting. Now it seems as though it's the camera I use the most and discovering apps that use the camera and the GPS is a lot of fun. Being on vacation while getting it is a good thing as this takes up a bit of time. There are no regrets and this is one of the most amazing devices I've ever used. It's kind of magic.