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Wolfville, Nova Scotia


First Snow

Chris Campbell

When driving home on Friday I was prepared for snow along the way. There were some pictures and news that there was a bunch of snow up in the Annapolis Valley where I live and on the way the conditions went from cold rain to wet snow to snow. Along the highway there were two cars that had gone off the road and flipped over. Most people were keeping their speed down and being safe. Winter can be a challenge.

It was a slow drive home and with only all-season tires on it made me particularly cautious when driving. Approaching the town of Wolfville it was clear that this was a serious snow storm with snow on the trees and the ground and people shovelling out their driveways. The weather stayed cold and the snow remains two days later as I write this.

While there is the initial shock of the change of seasons with snow on the ground, winter and snow are two things that I love. Walking down to the Wolfville Farmers Market in the bright sun made me happy. If you are dressed properly, it's glorious to be out in the world on a sunny day. Maybe it's the brightness that provides a sharp contrast with the shorter and darker days leading up to the snow which makes it feel better. The cold feels good breathing it in. Sharp and clear, it makes you aware of your body as you move through the frigid air.

Taking care of the snow and clearing the driveway and clearing off the car is a pain, but in some ways it is good to spend a bit more time getting ready and to get a bit more exercise working outside. The world is different and constantly changing when there is snow on the ground. You need to pay attention to each step as you walk to make sure you don't slip or trip. When driving you need to monitor the conditions and how the car feels while driving. You need to be present.

The variability of the world in winter and the need to take care in getting dressed and moving around is what is nice about winter. The world is reshaped and transformed throughout the day. It's fascinating to watch the snow fall and drift and melt. It feels quieter and calmer outside and it's good to be fully present in the world as I go about my day.