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Wolfville, Nova Scotia


Sappyfest 9

Chris Campbell

I suppose I am a bit of a completist. If there is something that is enjoyable and I like it, there is a tendency to want to get all of it. That's kind of what has happened with Sappyfest. Starting in 2006 on the August long weekend in Sackville, NB, it was a nice, small festival that was filled with interesting people and great new music. In the first year I discovered some great music and met some neat people.

Back in the old days it was even before Twitter, but in year 2 I was on Twitter and started tweeting a little bit. For some reason I didn't blog here, but on the now defunct service, but I was able to find some of the posts, and should try to retroactively post them, but here is the first post that I made about the first Sappyfest.

I'm in Sackville, New Brunswick at the Sappy Records festival. Things started with a great small set by Julie Doiron with some of her songs from her 'broken girl' albums. Then Al Tuck played a set. While I was buying a cd and t.shirt Julie said, 'buy that one too, it won a Juno.' Of course I bought it. It's a tiny bit wet outside, but lots of fun is only beginning.

August 4, 2006

Now it's 8 years later and I'm still here, still enjoying myself and bought another t-shirt. Now Paul and Jon have stepped back from organizing the festival to open a bar. Julie is still going to be performing and it still feels like a lovely collections of friends sharing a weekend together. Looking forward to more great performances and new discoveries at the little festival that provides a weekend of music and happiness every year.