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Day 1 - Atlantic Film Festival 2016 - Maudie

Chris Campbell

Director Aisling Walsh and some of the talented women behind and in front of the camera.

Director Aisling Walsh and some of the talented women behind and in front of the camera.

With the customary gala introductions within the setting of the Rebecca Cohn Auditorium, the films of the 36th Atlantic Film Festival began last night. A Canadian-Irish coproduction about a Nova Scotia artist that was film in Newfoundland, it exemplifies the spirit of collaboration and pride within the reason. One of the special moments in the introductions was when Irish director Aisling Walsh brought many of the women from the production crew onto the stage before the film. Walsh, who previously directed Sally Hawkins in the BBC miniseries Fingersmith, shared some anecdotes from Hawkins (who plays Maud Lewis) and a note from Ethan Hawke (who plays her husband Everett Lewis).

Maudie is heartfelt and gentle in telling the story of Nova Scotia folk artist Maud Lewis. With a solid and transformative performance from Sally Hawkins as Maud, she is the heart of the film. The rougher edges of the story and the relationship softened for the film with her painting and key people providing the framework for what we see. With a carefully-balanced script from Sherry White, it provides space for strong performances from the leads with a wry sense of humour taking the edge off of the often harsh and abusive relationship of the couple. The location shooting and beautiful settings and sets forming a backdrop for what happens, it's a biography that fills in important details with selective focus on the human elements while raising the profile of an artist who deserves a higher profile.

It was a fitting and enjoyable start to the festival this year which is now fully underway. The packed theatre enjoyed the film and gave director Walsh a standing ovation at the end of the screening. It's always great to see films from the region on the big screen and it's even better in front of a full and appreciative house.