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Top 5 Shareware Applications I've Paid For

Chris Campbell

Hmmm... I seem to be in a top 5 mood... The top 5 applications that I've registered or use just about every day are as follows (in no particular order)... NetNewsWire Lite (I haven't registered it, but that's because the Pro version is in beta now), BBEdit, Graphic Converter, Transmit, and Joe's Filters For Final Cut Pro. Over the past year I've come to depend on these things... in some ways they are the silent heroes who work away in the background, but each one of them have talented people working away making my life easier.

Top Five Films of 2002

Chris Campbell

As the minutes tick away and 2002 ends I figured I'd make a list of the top 5 films that I saw in the past year. In no particular order here it goes: CQ, Minority Report, Solaris, All About Lily Chou-Chou, and Bowling for Columbine. It was strange as when I was trying to think of films there weren't a huge number that leaped out at me. Will next year be better? Hmmm... I haven't seen Adaptation or Gangs of New York, so they could have made the list if I had seen them.

Why Rabbits Should Not Roam Free in the House

Chris Campbell

On Sunday afternoon the high-speed Internet connection at home suddenly stopped. I checked and it just wasn't working. So I called the phone company to see if they could fix it. We ran through the usual troubleshooting stuff and then they said that they'd have to have someone come over to fix it. But the earliest appointment was December 23rd! A day without access at home went by. You don't realize how dependent you become on something until it's gone... no Internet radio, movie trailers, news and information...
Then I think... hey, maybe I should switch ISPs... so I research that a bit and then I think, maybe I should try to use the modem in a different plug. So I unplug both ends and then notice that the phone cord is chewed through. Then I realized that the rabbit was out and hid behind the desk for a while... a bit later the Internet wasn't working. I quickly put two and two together and realized what had happened... so I don't think that the rabbit should be out in the house very much anymore.

Tracing Your Path on the Ground

Chris Campbell

I love it when people use technology for creative things that are outside of the uses that were originally intended. I was reading BoingBoing and saw a mention of the project Amsterdam Real Time by the Waag Society. It's a cool project where volunteers carry around GPS devices that trace their movements around the city. The traces look neat. The Waag Society has also developed a Multimedia Cross Media Synthesizer programming language called Keystroke that I have to investigate sometime.
Other people are doing similar things. The GPS Drawing Project lets people draw on the surface of the earth with the tracing of their movements.
If you use any electronic devices such as bank cards or phone cards you leave your own electronic traces where you go. I'm fascinated with this stuff.

World AIDS Day

Chris Campbell

Link and Think BadgeToday is World AIDS Day. I'm participating in the "Link and Think" project that encourages 'bloggers to link to resources and stories related to the fight against HIV/AIDS. AIDS has been around for a while now and while much more is known about HIV/AIDS, there is still a lot of work to do. I'm afraid that many younger people don't realize how important an issue it is unless they know someone who is HIV positive or who has died. The most unreported story related to HIV/AIDS is the growing pandemic and the unimaginable toll that it is taking on Africa. While I had heard mentions of the problem, it wasn't until I saw an interview and heard a speech by Steven Lewis, the UN Envoy on AIDS in Africa about the crisis. It's a massive problem that is destroying a generation of Africans with death rates so high that the educational system is losing teachers at a rate so high that they cannot be replaced. Find out more about World Aids Day 2002 at the UNAIDS site. The Link and Think project has a collection of links to those who are participating in the project.