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Day 8 - Atlantic Film Festival 2016 Sep 23, 2016 aff2016 & atlanticfilmfestival & film Spectres of Shortwave The final day of the 36th Atlantic Film Festival was a good one after a great week. It’s the point where the long days start Day 7 - Atlantic Film Festival 2016 Sep 22, 2016 aff2016 & atlanticfilmfestival & film Paterson On the penultimate day of the festival I was able to fill the afternoon and evening with screenings. So much good work up on the screen Day 6 - Atlantic Film Festival 2016 Sep 21, 2016 aff2016 & atlanticfilmfestival & film Juste la fin du monde The Atlantic Film Festival this year has been solid with a range of films and styles and approaches. It can be tiring, but Day 5 - Atlantic Film Festival 2016 Sep 20, 2016 aff2016 & atlanticfilmfestival & film & review Julieta Another full day of films at the 36th Atlantic Film Festival with literary adaptations with different approaches bookending the day. So Day 4 - Atlantic Film Festival 2016 Sep 19, 2016 aff2016 & atlanticfilmfestival & film Breagh MacNeil in Werewolf Sunday was a full day at the Atlantic Film Festival with films from noon until midnight with filmmakers and audiences Day 3 - Atlantic Film Festival 2016 Sep 18, 2016 aff2016 & atlanticfilmfestival & festival & film & review Day 3 of the Atlantic Film Festival this year was another great one filled with films and conversations. The images and sounds and conversations Day 2 - Atlantic Film Festival 2016 Sep 17, 2016 aff2016 & atlanticfilmfestival & film & review Moonlight The second official day and the first full day of screenings at the 36th Atlantic Film Festival wrapped up yesterday and it had great Day 1 - Atlantic Film Festival 2016 - Maudie Sep 16, 2016 aff2016 & atlanticfilmfestival & film & maudie Director Aisling Walsh and some of the talented women behind and in front of the camera. With the customary gala introductions within the setting 36th Atlantic Film Festival Features 2016 Sep 14, 2016 aff2016 & atlanticfilmfestival & festivals & film & preview Things to Come The 36th Atlantic Film Festival begins on Thursday, September 15 and there are a lot of films to see. I went through the films in 36th Atlantic Film Festival Galas 2016 Sep 12, 2016 aff2016 & atlanticfilmfestival & festivals & film & preview This year marks the exciting return of the gala program to the Oxford Theatre for the Atlantic Film Festival. While a bit less convenient than 36th Atlantic Film Festival Atlantic Program 2016 Aug 28, 2016 aff2016 & atlanticfilmfestival & film & preview The 36th edition of the Atlantic Film Festival is coming up and the Atlantic Program was recently announced. It’s filled with a mix of familiar On Set Aug 22, 2016 afcoop & aff2016 & atlanticfilmfestival & film & filmmaking & learning There is a special feeling when you are on a film set. A balance of anticipation, excitement, and calm. It feels comfortable while also being in a