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Breaking a Streak October 15, 2016 750words & exercise & habits & routine & writing I broke a writing streak yesterday. After getting 750 words done every day for two years, a slight change in my routine meant that I forgot and From Complex to Simple: Lessons from 13 Years of Blogging October 5, 2015 bitdepth & blogging & BlogJam2015 & history & web & writing It started with text, it’s always text. Words are important, words are the building blocks of my blog and the closer I am to them, the better. Preserving the Past August 9, 2014 blogging & history & web & writing As we share more of ourselves online on various sites, it’s important to think about preserving it. Unless you have things backed up on your own, My Semi-automated Diary July 25, 2014 dayone & ifttt & sifttter & slogger & software & writing One of the neat things about geeks is that we like to simplify things using semi-complicated methods. It’s an investment of time up front that pays Writing Toolkit July 24, 2014 750words & byword & clmooc & software & squarespace & writing It’s good to write and it’s even better to write every day. One of the cycles in #clmooc this year is “Hack Your Writing” and it’s made me think