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What I’m Tracking in 2016 March 9, 2016 exist & fitbit & health & letterboxd & lifesum & quantified self & technology & withings Time for an update on what parts of myself get quantified and recorded this year. Last year I went through what I was tracking, so this year it’s iPhone 6S November 20, 2015 iphone & review & technology It feels smooth and solid in my hand and while it’s a bit bigger than my second iPhone, a 5S, I have to say that I’m adjusting nicely to my new Retina MacBook Pro June 17, 2014 Apple & apps & MacBook Pro & technology Getting a new laptop is pretty exciting as it allows you to take stock of the hardware and software that you use. When you work in a larger iPhone 5S October 8, 2013 ios & iphone & review & technology Sports drinks and iPads don’t mix. This was made very clear to me when I was rushing around one morning and I noticed that the bottle of Apple TV March 20, 2011 technology & video As soon as I picked up the box I thought that it seemed really small. But when I got my Apple TV out of the box it seemed almost impossibly small. iPhone 4 August 16, 2010 technology Being on the cutting edge of technology is something I really enjoy, but in terms of gadgets there is a bit of restraint. That’s why there isn’t an Pads and Pods February 14, 2010 technology The introduction of the iPad by Apple has made me think about how I use the various computers and devices that are part of my life. Do I need to New MacBook Pro July 11, 2009 technology I’ve had a lot of Mac laptops (actually every laptop I’ve had since the first has been a Mac) and I can say for myself that the new 15-inch MacBook Happy Birthday, Mac January 24, 2009 technology I remember reading about the Macintosh in Byte magazine before I actually saw one. There was a review of the first Mac and an interview with the Touched by an iPod December 28, 2008 technology When I got my iPod with video a few years ago it changed the way that I related to the music that I listened to. While it had video capability, I What to Do When Your Computer is Away December 7, 2008 technology The screen of my MacBook Pro (an aluminum one with an LED screen) is unfortunately one of the ones that is defective so it needs to be sent out. When is a Text Message Not a Text Message? August 18, 2008 technology I thought that I had things figured out with my mobile phone data plan to make sure that my Twitter updates weren’t costing me any extra money. With Wordle and del.icio.us June 29, 2008 web & tagging & technology Thanks to Carolyn for pointing out the very lovely visualization tool Wordle from Jonathan Feinberg. It allows you to either paste words or use a Twitter is Made of People May 13, 2008 twitter & people & technology Some of the best things that are invented and we use were created accidentally such as the microwave or things like Blogger or Flickr. Now my latest Valleyschwag June 9, 2006 technology Today I received my first shipment from Valleyschwag. It’s a fascinating idea of subscribing and have a random package that includes at least one Make Magazine April 3, 2005 technology & magazine There is something neat about a paper magazine. I often forget about that as so much of what I read now is on a screen. It’s very nice to be able to What Happened and What’s Next January 1, 2005 technology & history & web The online world was very exciting for me in 2004. Blogging kept plugging away and I rediscovered Blogger which Google purchased. The great thing Final Cut Pro HD July 7, 2004 technology & apple & video & editing I’ve been working with Final Cut Pro for a long time. It’s one of those programs that I loved right from the first time that I’ve used it. It feels iBook vs. PowerBook June 19, 2004 technology My Titanium PowerBook has a problem with white blotches on the screen - or behind the screen to be more precise. That means that it’s out for repair Public WiFi in Fredericton May 31, 2004 technology I’ve been up to Fredericton briefly a couple of times in the last 3 weeks and one interesting thing that is going on there is that downtown there is Wish I Was There February 11, 2004 technology I’ve been looking at some of the notes that people have been taking at the latest O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference in San Diego and I really My New PowerBook October 26, 2003 technology I actually received it a few weeks ago, but I didn’t write about it right away, but now I’ll tell you about my new PowerBook. I’ve been lucky in Kleenex of the Internet September 9, 2003 technology & google Just about the only place that you hear people say “tissue” is in a film. The word “Kleenex®” which is Kimberly-Clark’s facial tissue product has Processing Alpha September 1, 2003 technology & art I’ve discovered a new environment for developing and exploring the possibilities of digital media. One of the problems in working with digital media iPod AV? June 25, 2003 technology I was playing with the new iChatAV beta using audio chat and wanted to use the new iSight, but I don’t have one, and my G3 PowerBook is too slow for Bitdepth is 1 May 9, 2003 technology My first laptop was a Toshiba T1000 and it’s the first machine that really brought the Internet into my home and marked the beginning of my writing Whew! April 29, 2003 technology It’s time for some updates to the site as I’m approaching my 1 year anniversary with bitdepth… soon I’ll probably update to blosxom 2.0 (maybe the Cellular Remote Control February 24, 2003 technology Via Rael I saw this nifty little bit of Bluetooth wizardry… the Sony Ericsson Clicker which uses the Bluetooth capability of the cellular phones Shuttle Reflections February 5, 2003 technology It’s been a few days and the news cycle revolves around and around alternating between the Space Shuttle Columbia and the pending war in Iraq. I was Why Rabbits Should Not Roam Free in the House December 17, 2002 technology On Sunday afternoon the high-speed Internet connection at home suddenly stopped. I checked and it just wasn’t working. So I called the phone company Tracing Your Path on the Ground December 3, 2002 technology I love it when people use technology for creative things that are outside of the uses that were originally intended. I was reading BoingBoing and NetNewsWire Lite October 20, 2002 technology & rss & netnewswire One of the great things about OS X (aside from all of the Unix goodness underneath it and the gorgeous surface) is the cool software that is being TheShipsList September 16, 2002 technology & work One of the highlights of my day today was seeing the finished CD-ROM of “TheShipsList” which is the product of a lot of hard work. It’s cool to see Macworld NY Stuff July 19, 2002 technology & apple For people who use Macs the year seems to be punctuated with the Macworld shows that are spread out around the world. They are generally the places That’s Why It’s the Web June 24, 2002 web & technology & people Sometimes when you surf around you find the strangest connections and then at some point you almost wind up looking at yourself in the mirror or at Ceilidh Connection June 11, 2002 technology One of the cool things about having a PowerBook with AirPort is that you can wirelessly connect to networks… right now I’m sitting in a cafe in O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference May 15, 2002 conference & technology It seems like a fantastic conference…but I’m not there, just following the blog trail and O’Reillynet’s coverage coming out of it. Even without Another Reason to Use Mozilla May 11, 2002 software & technology & web If you don’t know about Mozilla, you should. It’s the child of Netscape, born back in the days when there was competition for Web browsers and