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Best of 2014 Jan 1, 2015 bestof2014 & film & frank & ida & locke & mood indigo & obvious child & only lovers left alive & review & the grand budapest hotel & two days one night & under the skin & winter sleep 2014 was a good year for cinema with many films that were moving and challenging and solidly made. To keep track of films that stood out I started Frank Dec 30, 2014 bestof2014 & film & frank & review It’s an odd and bold gamble to take an actor and put them in a mask for the bulk of a film, but with Frank and Michael Fassbender it works Two Days, One Night Dec 29, 2014 bestof2014 & film & review & two days one night has a deceptively light and naturalistic shooting style. With a hand-held camera and moving around behind characters, there is The Grand Budapest Hotel Dec 28, 2014 bestof2014 & film & review & the grand budapest hotel At the heart of Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel is a virtuoso performance by Ralph Fiennes who fits perfectly into the elaborate sets and Ida Dec 27, 2014 bestof2014 & film & ida & review Shot in crisp black and white in a 1.33:1 aspect ratio with precise and off-centre framing that recalls the work of Bresson, Bergman, and Dreyer, Winter Sleep Dec 26, 2014 bestof2014 & film & review & winter sleep is a film by Nuri Bilge Ceylan about characters and conversations. While it’s a long film, it didn’t feel that way. It’s remarkable in Under the Skin Dec 25, 2014 bestof2014 & film & review & under the skin Unnerving is the word that I most often use when describing Under the Skin and that’s a good word for all Jonathan Glazer films. This is only his Obvious Child Dec 24, 2014 bestof2014 & film & obvious child & review is a film that presents a complex and possibly controversial story in a way that is light and respectful and I loved it. Seeing Jenny Only Lovers Left Alive Dec 23, 2014 bestof2014 & film & only lovers left alive & review I’m a survivor, baby Jim Jarmusch always seems to make films in the same way where he chooses a cast, some locations, a loose plot, music, and Mood Indigo Dec 22, 2014 bestof2014 & film & mood indigo & review Michel Gondry has a unique style and it’s not for everyone. Through his films he brings things that are personal and whimsical and in the Locke Dec 21, 2014 bestof2014 & film & locke & review Tom Hardy in a car. That’s the rough structure of Locke and it works startlingly well. While the one-person show can work well on stage, it’s bold