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Synthesizing Stories on Bad Metaphor 11 Nov 21, 2009 music & podcasting With some of my online homes I’ve been quite active and with others, not so much. One of the things that is quite enjoyable to do is record audio The Return of Bad Metaphor Jan 23, 2009 podcasting A few years ago my son John and I started an audio podcast called Bad Metaphor where we talked about technology and growing up and any other things Bad Metaphor #8 - Camping Aug 21, 2006 podcasting Things don’t always turn out the way that you plan which most of the time is a good thing. Hitting a home run every time would start to get boring commandN Episode #58 Aug 21, 2006 podcasting The 58th episode of the video podcast commandN is live and ready for download now. I’ve been helping tape the segments from Halifax and have made a Bad Metaphor and Camping Jul 20, 2006 podcasting It’s Summer and it’s time to hit the road and do some camping and Bad Metaphor podcasting too. John and I will be camping in Fundy National Park and Bad Metaphor 6 - Work May 28, 2006 podcasting Last month I took John in to work and we recorded a podcast at the Halifax Downtown Site of the Nova Scotia Community College where I work. Bad More Bad Metaphors Apr 22, 2006 podcasting John and I have been busy with things, but we have managed to create two more Bad Metaphor podcasts and you’re more than welcome to listen to them. Bad Metaphor 3 Feb 19, 2006 podcasting I’ve uploaded the third Bad Metaphor podcast by John and myself today. It’s about publicity this time and John and I talk about being famous as well My iPod With Video Jan 29, 2006 podcasting I’ve had my new 30 GB iPod with video for about a month and a half now and I’m a bit surprised at how different it is from the iPod Shuffle that I Bad Metaphor Jan 14, 2006 podcasting I’m very happy to announce the launch of the Bad Metaphor podcast. I’ve been playing with all of the parts of it for a while and it’s time to Podcasting Nov 27, 2005 podcasting It’s odd, but I realize now that I haven’t written very much about podcasting here. It’s been over a year since I started regularly listening to Podcasting, iTunes and Odeo Jul 9, 2005 podcasting I’ve been listening to podcasts since last Fall and now that I have an iPod Shuffle, I’m listening to podcasts in a pod-like way instead of via