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Currently Tracking July 19, 2015 cortado & quantified self & reporter & software & your flowing data & zenobase Morning writing on 750words.com Apps for tracking my health It’s the beginning of summer and a good time to reflect a bit on what I’m recording Paprika Recipe Manager July 6, 2015 apps & cooking & food & paprika & recipes & software I love to cook and while it’s fun to improvise in many aspects of life, I need recipes to cook most food. There are a bunch of great cookbooks My Semi-automated Diary July 25, 2014 dayone & ifttt & sifttter & slogger & software & writing One of the neat things about geeks is that we like to simplify things using semi-complicated methods. It’s an investment of time up front that pays Writing Toolkit July 24, 2014 750words & byword & clmooc & software & squarespace & writing It’s good to write and it’s even better to write every day. One of the cycles in #clmooc this year is “Hack Your Writing” and it’s made me think Twitterrific 5 December 8, 2012 apps & iconfactory & ios & iphone & software & twitter & twitterrific My iPhone is a slab of glass and metal that can be a bit magical. A new app can change your perception of the whole device. The same thing can Reading Things With Instaper June 12, 2011 software One of my favourite ways to read things is with Instapaper on my iPhone. Marco’s program is simple and easy to use and it makes me think that I Essential Apps for Time and Money November 29, 2009 software Sometimes when you grow accustomed to certain applications they disappear as they’re always there and you use them all the time. In compiling a list The Beauty of Simple Apps November 22, 2009 software Over the past few months I’ve been relying on my 2nd generation iPod Touch more and more for connecting to the online world. On a recent 3 day trip Getting Things Done With OmniFocus January 8, 2009 software Implementing David Allen’s Getting Things Done system has been a goal of mine for a while, but I’ve always seemed to fall a bit short of reaching it The Long Tail Up Close June 5, 2008 software While OS X and most Apple stuff is well-designed and simple, there has always been a bit of room between the smooth lines for utilities and software Deliciously Organized June 1, 2008 software I like it when things are organized and I’m not ashamed to admit that I alphabetize my nearly 300 DVDs on their shelves to make it easier to find. It’s the Little Things That Count May 21, 2008 software Now that I’m safely back on my MacBook Pro with just about everything set up, I have to say that it made me again realize how much of a creature of Favourite Software of 2007 December 23, 2007 software I’m not a fan of big expensive applications (with the notable exception of Final Cut Pro), but I love open source and shareware that is the product PDA Memories June 10, 2004 software Steven Frank is one of the co-founders of Panic (makers of essential software such as Transmit, as well as Audion, Desktastic, Unison and Statoo. He Omni Outliner May 12, 2003 software One of the things that happens quite often is that you don’t notice the things that are always in front of you. That’s what has happened with Omni Zoë May 11, 2003 software I was playing a bit with an application called Zoë which I first read about in an article last year by Jon Udell called “Googling Your Email”. It SBook5 May 8, 2003 software I was recently reading an article on the O’Reilly Network about “Freeware Gems for Mac OS X” and found it interesting. One of the neat things about Graphic Converter 4.6 April 30, 2003 software One of the applications that I have fallen in love with is Graphic Converter. I used it years ago and then I started using Photoshop and didn’t iTunes 4 April 28, 2003 software Wow! It was a busy day at work…end of the term and lots of marking and adding and wrapping up. In my brief glance at Apple’s Web site this afternoon NetNewsWire Goes Pro! February 12, 2003 software It’s great when you get to see something develop and grow and come to fruition. My favourite new app has gone pro and you can register it to help Blosxom is Released January 25, 2003 software Congratulations are in order for Rael Dornfest who has officially released version 1 (and then 1.1) of Blosxom, which efficiently has been powering Presentations and Storytelling January 18, 2003 software Doc Searls got me thinking about presentation software which has become a current topic with Apple’s new Keynote software. PowerPoint dominates Changing the Face of the Web January 11, 2003 software It’s rare that something indispensible is added to your toolkit after a number of years. It is even rarer when an application can change the way you Top 5 Shareware Applications I’ve Paid For December 31, 2002 software Hmmm… I seem to be in a top 5 mood… The top 5 applications that I’ve registered or use just about every day are as follows (in no particular order)… Another Reason to Use Mozilla May 11, 2002 software & technology & web If you don’t know about Mozilla, you should. It’s the child of Netscape, born back in the days when there was competition for Web browsers and