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FIN Atlantic International Film Festival 2018 Documentaries, Features, and Special Presentations Sep 13, 2018 festival & finaiff & finaiff2018 & film & festivals With almost 200 films screening over a week, the Atlantic International Film Festival presents a number of challenges every day in terms of deciding FIN Atlantic International Film Festival 2018 Preview, Galas, Restored!, and Extreme Sep 12, 2018 finaiff & fin & finaiff2018 & festival & film & festivals The latest edition of the FIN Atlantic International Film Festival is underway and there is another great range of films to see. With almost 200 Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival 2018 Preview Jun 1, 2018 hiff2018 & festival & film & festivals It is a challenging time for film festivals as the flattened distribution model makes it a bit less special to see something at a theatre, so FIN Atlantic International Film Festival 2017 Oct 1, 2017 aiff2017 & festival & festivals & film & fin With a rebrand and taking over the Park Lane cinema screens, the 2017 edition of the FIN: Atlantic International Film Festival was a solid week of FIN Atlantic International Film Festival 2017 Preview Part 2 Sep 17, 2017 aiff & aiff2017 & festival & festivals & film & fin & fin2017 & preview With the festival fully underway with some great films here is a preview of what is in store for Monday and Tuesday. Lucky On Monday things get FIN Atlantic International Film Festival 2017 Preview Part 1 Sep 15, 2017 aiff & aiff2017 & festival & festivals & film & fin2017 & preview The newly rebranded FIN: Atlantic International Film Festival has started this year in Halifax. It’s a great opportunity to connect with the local FIN Atlantic International Film Festival 2017 Gala Preview Sep 13, 2017 aiff & festival & festivals & film & fin2017 It’s September and in Halifax that means that the film festival is happening. Newly rebranded as FIN Atlantic International Film Festival, it’s Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival 2017 Jun 5, 2017 afcoop & festival & festivals & film & hiff2017 The eleventh year of the Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival begins on Wednesday, June 7 with the first of two Atlantic Auteurs screenings. 36th Atlantic Film Festival Features 2016 Sep 14, 2016 aff2016 & atlanticfilmfestival & festivals & film & preview Things to Come The 36th Atlantic Film Festival begins on Thursday, September 15 and there are a lot of films to see. I went through the films in 36th Atlantic Film Festival Galas 2016 Sep 12, 2016 aff2016 & atlanticfilmfestival & festivals & film & preview This year marks the exciting return of the gala program to the Oxford Theatre for the Atlantic Film Festival. While a bit less convenient than Remembering the Silver Wave Film Festival 2015 Nov 16, 2015 festivals & nbfilmmakerscoop & silverwavefilmfestival & swff2015 Being on the organizational committee for the Silver Wave Film Festival was a great experience. It gave me the chance to go back to the New Silver Wave Film Festival 2015 Oct 30, 2015 festivals & nbfilmmakerscoop & silverwavefilmfestival & swff15 & swff2015 Silver Wave 2015 Launch For me filmmaking is inextricably linked with the New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-operative. It’s where I first found out how Best of the 35th Atlantic Film Festival Sep 29, 2015 35aff & aff2015 & atlanticfilmfestival & festivals & film & review In anticipation of a film festival you create impressions of films based on the past work of the directors and actors and don’t know what Day 8 - Atlantic Film Festival 2015 Sep 25, 2015 35aff & aff2015 & atlanticfilmfestival & festivals & film & review In the midst of a cold and with the final day of the 35th Atlantic Film Festival before me, I was able to take my time, fortify myself with oatmeal Day 3 - Atlantic Film Festival 2015 Sep 20, 2015 35aff & aff2015 & atlanticfilmfestival & festivals & film & review Patricia Rozema introducing Into the Forest Day 3 of the Atlantic Film Festival was another big day filled with screenings and conversations about Day 1 - Atlantic Film Festival 2015 Sep 18, 2015 35aff & aff2015 & atlanticfilmfestival & festival & festivals & film The first day of the Atlantic Film Festival is a nice, easy day with only one film and a party, so it’s a great way to get ready for the busy 8 Guide to the 35th Atlantic Film Festival 2015 Sep 17, 2015 35aff & aff2015 & atlanticfilmfestival & festivals & film Today, Thursday, September 17, 2015 is the first day of the 35th Atlantic Film Festival in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It’s an exciting day as 100 films 35th Atlantic Film Festival - Feature Dramas - Thursday, September 24 Sep 15, 2015 35aff & aff2015 & atlanticfilmfestival & drama & festivals & film James White The final day of the 35th Atlantic Film Festival has humour and intense drama from Canada and the world to suit various moods. It’s 35th Atlantic Film Festival - Feature Dramas - Wednesday Sep 14, 2015 35aff & aff2015 & atlanticfilmfestival & drama & festivals In the penultimate day of the 35th Atlantic Film Festival there is another collection of dramas from around the world and for all sorts of tastes 35th Atlantic Film Festival - Feature Dramas - Tuesday Sep 13, 2015 35aff & aff2015 & atlanticfilmfestival & festivals & film Things start to slow down a little bit on Tuesday at the Atlantic Film Festival with some documentaries, a gala, and a mix of local and 35th Atlantic Film Festival - Feature Dramas - Monday Sep 12, 2015 35aff & aff2015 & atlanticfilmfestival & drama & festivals & film While for most of the non-festival-immersed world, it’s a weekday, but the Atlantic Film Festival has a day full of films to see. Monday has no 35th Atlantic Film Festival - Feature Dramas - Sunday Sep 11, 2015 35aff & aff2015 & atlanticfilmfestival & festivals The schedule for Sunday, September 20 at this year’s Atlantic Film Festival has the Awards Reception in the afternoon and the Reel East Coast 35th Atlantic Film Festival - Feature Dramas - Saturday Sep 10, 2015 35aff & aff2015 & atlanticfilmfestival & dramas & festivals & film The third day of the 35th annual Atlantic Film Festival has some great Canadian and international dramas outside of the galas and documentaries. On 35th Atlantic Film Festival - Feature Dramas - Friday Sep 9, 2015 35aff & aff2015 & atlanticfilmfestival & drama & festivals & film Muna Otaru and Brit Marling in The Keeping Room For 35 years the Atlantic Film Festival has been one of the best ways to see the feature films from 35th Atlantic Film Festival Feature Documentaries Sep 8, 2015 35aff & aff2015 & atlanticfilmfestival & documentaries & festival & festivals While the highest-profile films at the Atlantic Film Festival are the feature dramas, it’s the documentaries and shorts that are the real hidden 35th Atlantic Film Festival 2015 Shorts Sep 6, 2015 35aff & aff2015 & atlanticfilmfestival & festivals & film & shorts Andrew Gillis in Ashley McKenzie’s 4 Quarters With a concentrated dose of cinema and a blend of local and international films as well as drama, 35th Atlantic Film Festival Galas and Events Aug 28, 2015 35aff & afcoop & aff2015 & atlanticfilmfestival & Beeba Boys & closet monster & Dheepan & festival & festivals & hyena road & into the forest & My Internship in Canada & nifco The Atlantic Film Festival is 35 this year and with the unveiling of the full lineup there is a great range of films from the region and around the How to Enjoy a Film Festival Aug 25, 2015 festival & festivals & film & lists It’s fall and that’s when film festival season starts up around these parts with the Atlantic Film Festival and a whole range of other festivals My Favourite Teacher Jul 9, 2015 clmooc & festivals & learning & people I’m in the middle of the connected learning that is happening as part of #clmooc this year and Joe Dillon tagged me in the Google Plus community as Atlantic Film Festival 2014 - Shorts and Documentaries Sep 7, 2014 aff2014 & atlanticfilmfestival & festivals & film Nick Cave in the documentary 20,000 Days on Earth While the feature dramas make up the bulk of the attention received by the Atlantic Film Anticipating Atlantic Films Aug 8, 2014 atlanticfilmfestival & festivals & film & screen arts Still from Andrea Dorfman’s film Heartbeat A couple of days ago the Atlantic Film Festival made their first round of announcements and unveiled the Sappyfest 9 - Day 3 Aug 7, 2014 asphalt watches & banded stilts & basia bulat & constantines & festivals & michael feurerstack & olympic symphonium & rae spoon & sackville & sappyfest & shotgun & jaybird Basia Bulat Sappyfest is a lot of fun and it is possibly annual. At the very first festival the attitude was established. It was called the Sappy Sappyfest 9 - Day 2 Aug 3, 2014 festivals & music & sackville & sappyfest Shotgun Jimmie performs in Thunder & Lightning It’s the final day of Sappyfest as I write this and it’s been a lot of fun. Overall it feels a Sappyfest 9 Aug 2, 2014 festivals & music & sackville & sappyfest I suppose I am a bit of a completist. If there is something that is enjoyable and I like it, there is a tendency to want to get all of it. That’s The 2013 Atlantic Film Festival Sep 29, 2013 aff2013 & festivals & film & review Every year I look forward to the Atlantic Film Festival. A wide range of films is shown along with parties and opportunities to connect and share Sappyfest 8 - Don’t Get Your Hopes Up Aug 14, 2013 festivals & music & sackville & sappyfest Timing is everything with Sappyfest and over the years I’ve realized that you just have to let the magic happen. Two days after the festival I was Favourite Films of the 2012 Atlantic Film Festival Sep 23, 2012 2012 & aff2012 & festivals & film & lists The Atlantic Film Festival is an annual festival that assembles a range of great short and feature films along with the filmmaking community in Preparing for the Atlantic Film Festival Sep 10, 2012 aff2012 & festival & festivals & film & planning Every year there is a wonderful sense of anticipation in the fall as school starts up again and I begin a new term of teaching. But the greatest My 10 Most Anticipated Films for the Atlantic Film Festival 2012 Aug 25, 2012 aff2012 & festivals & film Every year there are so many films and so little time at the Atlantic Film Festival. Going through the schedule and trying to figure out what to see Sappyfest 7 Aug 11, 2012 festivals & music & sappyfest “It’s nice to see you again. I like what you’ve done to your hair and that outfit you’re wearing really makes you look taller.” — Team Sappy in My Top Ten Films from the 30th Atlantic Film Festival Oct 10, 2010 festivals & film As the summer winds down the excitement begins for the wide range of films that fill the screens during the Atlantic Film Festival in Halifax, Nova Atlantic Film Festival 2008 Oct 11, 2008 festivals & film Another year, another Atlantic Film Festival, with this one being the 28th. This time I think that I got the balance just right and ended up seeing 28th Atlantic Film Festival Sep 14, 2008 festivals & film A few days in at the festival and I’m having a great time. This year I’m pacing myself a bit more and not going to as many parties but seeing more Breakfast on Pluto Dec 3, 2005 festivals & film What matters is the journey. Cillian Murphy is wonderful as Patrick “Kitten” Braden in Neil Jordan’s latest film, Breakfast on Pluto. It’s based Niceland Oct 17, 2005 festivals & film What is the purpose of life? Niceland is a quirkly little film that takes us on a search for meaning. It’s a simple story constructed out of The Dying Gaul Oct 11, 2005 festivals & film Take the million, write something else. I don’t know what it is, but it seems that if Patricia Clarkson is in a film, there is a strong Tarnation Oct 12, 2004 festivals & film probably isn’t the type of film you’d think that someone would make out of home movies over a couple of decades using iMovie. But then Atlantic Film Festival 2004 Sep 22, 2004 festivals & film I’m in the middle of the Atlantic Film Festival this year and it’s a great time. Lots of amazing films and people and not much time to actually Bright Leaves Sep 16, 2004 festivals & film The reality is slipping away. Ross McElwee is a very personal filmmaker. The first film that I saw by him, Sherman’s March (just out on DVD),