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Favourite Films of 2020 February 27, 2021 2020 & film & lists It was a different year in 2020 for film watching. While it started off normally, the arrival of the pandemic radically altered things, especially FIN Atlantic International Film Festival 2020 Galas September 12, 2020 2020 & film & fin & fin stream & festivals It’s been a challenging year for everyone and filmmakers and film festivals are no exception. The experience of making and watching films is FIN Atlantic International Film Festival 2020 Preview September 12, 2020 2020 & film & fin & festivals & fin stream While overall, there are fewer films this year at FIN Atlantic International Film Festival, there is still a lot to choose from. The best option is My Favourite Films of 2019 February 9, 2020 2019 & film It was a good year for films and I enjoyed a lot of what I saw. We said farewell to the remarkable Agnès Varda and many powerful voices emerged and Best of the 39th FIN Atlantic International Film Festival September 29, 2019 fin & film & festivals The 39th annual FIN Atlantic International Film Festival was a lot of fun as usual. I saw more films than last year (26 features) and the FIN Atlantic International Film Festival 2019 Fiction Features September 9, 2019 fin & film & festivals As the latest edition of the FIN Atlantic International Film Festival approaches I’m going to highlight some of the fictional (non-Gala) features 2019 FIN Atlantic International Film Festival Galas September 5, 2019 fin & film & festivals Every year the FIN Atlantic International Film Festival provides a wealth of films from the region and around the world to watch. It’s a great time The Films of Agnès Varda September 1, 2019 agnes varda & film & history The first film by Agnès Varda that I saw was probably The Gleaners and I which is a good introduction to her style as she heartily embraced the Best Films of 2018 February 24, 2019 2018 & bestof2018 & film & review It’s the film awards season again and as the stories and discussions go on, it’s important to remember and keep the focus on the films and the FIN Atlantic International Film Festival 2018 Documentaries, Features, and Special Presentations September 13, 2018 festival & finaiff & finaiff2018 & film & festivals With almost 200 films screening over a week, the Atlantic International Film Festival presents a number of challenges every day in terms of deciding FIN Atlantic International Film Festival 2018 Preview, Galas, Restored!, and Extreme September 12, 2018 finaiff & fin & finaiff2018 & festival & film & festivals The latest edition of the FIN Atlantic International Film Festival is underway and there is another great range of films to see. With almost 200 Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival 2018 Preview June 1, 2018 hiff2018 & festival & film & festivals It is a challenging time for film festivals as the flattened distribution model makes it a bit less special to see something at a theatre, so How and What I Watched in 2017 March 3, 2018 film & 52filmsbywomen & quantified self & lists Each year I watch a lot of films and to keep track of them can be a challenge, so the primary way that I log and remember films is through the Favourite Films of 2017 January 30, 2018 film & lists & bestof2017 It was a good year for films and to make it easier for me I started my favourite films of 2017 list early in the year. It can be challenging to keep FIN Atlantic International Film Festival 2017 October 1, 2017 aiff2017 & festival & festivals & film & fin With a rebrand and taking over the Park Lane cinema screens, the 2017 edition of the FIN: Atlantic International Film Festival was a solid week of FIN ATLANTIC INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2017 PREVIEW PART 3 September 20, 2017 fin & film & preview & festival The final two days of the FIN Atlantic International Film Festival still have a wide range of films to see from documentaries to dramas. Here is a FIN Atlantic International Film Festival 2017 Preview Part 2 September 17, 2017 aiff & aiff2017 & festival & festivals & film & fin & fin2017 & preview With the festival fully underway with some great films here is a preview of what is in store for Monday and Tuesday. Lucky On Monday things get FIN Atlantic International Film Festival 2017 Preview Part 1 September 15, 2017 aiff & aiff2017 & festival & festivals & film & fin2017 & preview The newly rebranded FIN: Atlantic International Film Festival has started this year in Halifax. It’s a great opportunity to connect with the local FIN Atlantic International Film Festival 2017 Gala Preview September 13, 2017 aiff & festival & festivals & film & fin2017 It’s September and in Halifax that means that the film festival is happening. Newly rebranded as FIN Atlantic International Film Festival, it’s 52 Films by Women July 17, 2017 52filmsbywomen & film & lists Most of the films released around the world have male directors. It’s a challenge to seek out more films directed by women and it needs conscious Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival 2017 June 5, 2017 afcoop & festival & festivals & film & hiff2017 The eleventh year of the Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival begins on Wednesday, June 7 with the first of two Atlantic Auteurs screenings. Favourite Films of 2016 February 12, 2017 bestof2016 & film & lists & review It started with the cool and carefully-constructed story of a young woman dealing with paranoia and witchcraft (The Witch) and ended with a young Day 8 - Atlantic Film Festival 2016 September 23, 2016 aff2016 & atlanticfilmfestival & film Spectres of Shortwave The final day of the 36th Atlantic Film Festival was a good one after a great week. It’s the point where the long days start Day 7 - Atlantic Film Festival 2016 September 22, 2016 aff2016 & atlanticfilmfestival & film Paterson On the penultimate day of the festival I was able to fill the afternoon and evening with screenings. So much good work up on the screen Day 6 - Atlantic Film Festival 2016 September 21, 2016 aff2016 & atlanticfilmfestival & film Juste la fin du monde The Atlantic Film Festival this year has been solid with a range of films and styles and approaches. It can be tiring, but Day 5 - Atlantic Film Festival 2016 September 20, 2016 aff2016 & atlanticfilmfestival & film & review Julieta Another full day of films at the 36th Atlantic Film Festival with literary adaptations with different approaches bookending the day. So Day 4 - Atlantic Film Festival 2016 September 19, 2016 aff2016 & atlanticfilmfestival & film Breagh MacNeil in Werewolf Sunday was a full day at the Atlantic Film Festival with films from noon until midnight with filmmakers and audiences Day 3 - Atlantic Film Festival 2016 September 18, 2016 aff2016 & atlanticfilmfestival & festival & film & review Day 3 of the Atlantic Film Festival this year was another great one filled with films and conversations. The images and sounds and conversations Day 2 - Atlantic Film Festival 2016 September 17, 2016 aff2016 & atlanticfilmfestival & film & review Moonlight The second official day and the first full day of screenings at the 36th Atlantic Film Festival wrapped up yesterday and it had great Day 1 - Atlantic Film Festival 2016 - Maudie September 16, 2016 aff2016 & atlanticfilmfestival & film & maudie Director Aisling Walsh and some of the talented women behind and in front of the camera. With the customary gala introductions within the setting 36th Atlantic Film Festival Features 2016 September 14, 2016 aff2016 & atlanticfilmfestival & festivals & film & preview Things to Come The 36th Atlantic Film Festival begins on Thursday, September 15 and there are a lot of films to see. I went through the films in 36th Atlantic Film Festival Galas 2016 September 12, 2016 aff2016 & atlanticfilmfestival & festivals & film & preview This year marks the exciting return of the gala program to the Oxford Theatre for the Atlantic Film Festival. While a bit less convenient than 36th Atlantic Film Festival Atlantic Program 2016 August 28, 2016 aff2016 & atlanticfilmfestival & film & preview The 36th edition of the Atlantic Film Festival is coming up and the Atlantic Program was recently announced. It’s filled with a mix of familiar On Set August 22, 2016 afcoop & aff2016 & atlanticfilmfestival & film & filmmaking & learning There is a special feeling when you are on a film set. A balance of anticipation, excitement, and calm. It feels comfortable while also being in a The Films of Arnaud Desplechin April 10, 2016 A Christmas Tale & arnaud desplechin & Esther Kahn & film & Jimmy P. & Kings and Queen & My Sex Life... Or How I Got Into an Argument Arnaud Desplechin creates complex, intellectual films that have a strong emotional core. They have melodramatic elements and are elaborately How I Watched Films in 2015 March 23, 2016 data & film & history & letterboxd & visualization Films watched grouped in a word cloud generated from Jason Davies’ site . The days of physical media are going away. As I look through the Best Films of 2015 January 5, 2016 bestof2015 & film & lists & review Early in the year I was able to get to see Inherent Vice after seeing it appear on some “best of” lists for 2014. It’s a strange thing sometimes The Time and Space of Chantal Akerman October 10, 2015 Chantal Akerman & cinema & film & Jeanne Dielman 23 quai du Commerce 1080 Bruxelles Chantal Akerman in Je Tu Il Elle For me cinema is time and space. — Chantal Akerman A filmmaker who put herself deeply into Best of the 35th Atlantic Film Festival September 29, 2015 35aff & aff2015 & atlanticfilmfestival & festivals & film & review In anticipation of a film festival you create impressions of films based on the past work of the directors and actors and don’t know what Day 8 - Atlantic Film Festival 2015 September 25, 2015 35aff & aff2015 & atlanticfilmfestival & festivals & film & review In the midst of a cold and with the final day of the 35th Atlantic Film Festival before me, I was able to take my time, fortify myself with oatmeal Day 7 - Atlantic Film Festival 2015 September 24, 2015 35aff & aff2015 & atlanticfilmfestival & festival & film & review Jesuthasan Antonythasan in Dheepan The penultimate day of the 35th Atlantic Film Festival was also the longest day of the film festival for me with Day 6 - Atlantic Film Festival 2015 September 23, 2015 35aff & aff2015 & atlanticfilmfestival & festival & film & review Paul Doucet in Early Winter In the midst of a cold, the soothing balm of great cinema makes everything much better and on day 6 of the festival I Day 5 - Atlantic Film Festival 2015 September 22, 2015 35aff & aff2015 & atlanticfilmfestival & festival & film & review The fifth day of the Atlantic Film Festival was a lighter day for me as I am fighting a cold, but it was a day filled with subtle beauty, peace, Day 4 - Atlantic Film Festival 2015 September 21, 2015 35aff & aff2015 & atlanticfilmfestival & festival & film & review Brittany Amos and Iain MacLeod introduce Your Money or Your Wife For me, Day 4 of the 35th Atlantic Film Festival was a perfect day. The films I Day 3 - Atlantic Film Festival 2015 September 20, 2015 35aff & aff2015 & atlanticfilmfestival & festivals & film & review Patricia Rozema introducing Into the Forest Day 3 of the Atlantic Film Festival was another big day filled with screenings and conversations about Day 2 - Atlantic Film Festival 2015 September 19, 2015 35aff & aff2015 & atlanticfilmfestival & festival & film & review Stephen Dunn and Fraser Ash introduce Closet Monster Day 2 of the 35th Atlantic Film Festival had some great films and conversations about those Day 1 - Atlantic Film Festival 2015 September 18, 2015 35aff & aff2015 & atlanticfilmfestival & festival & festivals & film The first day of the Atlantic Film Festival is a nice, easy day with only one film and a party, so it’s a great way to get ready for the busy 8 Guide to the 35th Atlantic Film Festival 2015 September 17, 2015 35aff & aff2015 & atlanticfilmfestival & festivals & film Today, Thursday, September 17, 2015 is the first day of the 35th Atlantic Film Festival in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It’s an exciting day as 100 films 35th Atlantic Film Festival - Feature Dramas - Thursday, September 24 September 15, 2015 35aff & aff2015 & atlanticfilmfestival & drama & festivals & film James White The final day of the 35th Atlantic Film Festival has humour and intense drama from Canada and the world to suit various moods. It’s 35th Atlantic Film Festival - Feature Dramas - Tuesday September 13, 2015 35aff & aff2015 & atlanticfilmfestival & festivals & film Things start to slow down a little bit on Tuesday at the Atlantic Film Festival with some documentaries, a gala, and a mix of local and 35th Atlantic Film Festival - Feature Dramas - Monday September 12, 2015 35aff & aff2015 & atlanticfilmfestival & drama & festivals & film While for most of the non-festival-immersed world, it’s a weekday, but the Atlantic Film Festival has a day full of films to see. Monday has no 35th Atlantic Film Festival - Feature Dramas - Saturday September 10, 2015 35aff & aff2015 & atlanticfilmfestival & dramas & festivals & film The third day of the 35th annual Atlantic Film Festival has some great Canadian and international dramas outside of the galas and documentaries. On 35th Atlantic Film Festival - Feature Dramas - Friday September 9, 2015 35aff & aff2015 & atlanticfilmfestival & drama & festivals & film Muna Otaru and Brit Marling in The Keeping Room For 35 years the Atlantic Film Festival has been one of the best ways to see the feature films from 35th Atlantic Film Festival 2015 Shorts September 6, 2015 35aff & aff2015 & atlanticfilmfestival & festivals & film & shorts Andrew Gillis in Ashley McKenzie’s 4 Quarters With a concentrated dose of cinema and a blend of local and international films as well as drama, How to Enjoy a Film Festival August 25, 2015 festival & festivals & film & lists It’s fall and that’s when film festival season starts up around these parts with the Atlantic Film Festival and a whole range of other festivals Unmaking an Introduction June 22, 2015 clmooc & film & learning & music The past couple of years the Connected Learning MOOC (Massively Open Online Collaboration) has been conducted by Educator Innovator and the Best of 2014 January 1, 2015 bestof2014 & film & frank & ida & locke & mood indigo & obvious child & only lovers left alive & review & the grand budapest hotel & two days one night & under the skin & winter sleep 2014 was a good year for cinema with many films that were moving and challenging and solidly made. To keep track of films that stood out I started Frank December 30, 2014 bestof2014 & film & frank & review It’s an odd and bold gamble to take an actor and put them in a mask for the bulk of a film, but with Frank and Michael Fassbender it works Two Days, One Night December 29, 2014 bestof2014 & film & review & two days one night has a deceptively light and naturalistic shooting style. With a hand-held camera and moving around behind characters, there is The Grand Budapest Hotel December 28, 2014 bestof2014 & film & review & the grand budapest hotel At the heart of Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel is a virtuoso performance by Ralph Fiennes who fits perfectly into the elaborate sets and Ida December 27, 2014 bestof2014 & film & ida & review Shot in crisp black and white in a 1.33:1 aspect ratio with precise and off-centre framing that recalls the work of Bresson, Bergman, and Dreyer, Winter Sleep December 26, 2014 bestof2014 & film & review & winter sleep is a film by Nuri Bilge Ceylan about characters and conversations. While it’s a long film, it didn’t feel that way. It’s remarkable in Under the Skin December 25, 2014 bestof2014 & film & review & under the skin Unnerving is the word that I most often use when describing Under the Skin and that’s a good word for all Jonathan Glazer films. This is only his Obvious Child December 24, 2014 bestof2014 & film & obvious child & review is a film that presents a complex and possibly controversial story in a way that is light and respectful and I loved it. Seeing Jenny Only Lovers Left Alive December 23, 2014 bestof2014 & film & only lovers left alive & review I’m a survivor, baby Jim Jarmusch always seems to make films in the same way where he chooses a cast, some locations, a loose plot, music, and Mood Indigo December 22, 2014 bestof2014 & film & mood indigo & review Michel Gondry has a unique style and it’s not for everyone. Through his films he brings things that are personal and whimsical and in the Locke December 21, 2014 bestof2014 & film & locke & review Tom Hardy in a car. That’s the rough structure of Locke and it works startlingly well. While the one-person show can work well on stage, it’s bold The 34th Atlantic Film Festival September 21, 2014 aff2014 & atlanticfilmfestival & festival & film The Atlantic Film Festival is over for another year and this was a particularly good year for films. It’s a challenge for festivals to find and Atlantic Film Festival 2014 - Shorts and Documentaries September 7, 2014 aff2014 & atlanticfilmfestival & festivals & film Nick Cave in the documentary 20,000 Days on Earth While the feature dramas make up the bulk of the attention received by the Atlantic Film Atlantic Film Festival 2014 - The Feature Dramas September 2, 2014 aff2014 & atlanticfilmfestival & film It’s a very good challenge picking films to see at a film festival. You look at the list and start to think of what you want to see based on what Atlantic Film Festival 2014 - The Galas August 23, 2014 aff2014 & atlanticfilmfestival & festival & film Still from Elephant Song The full schedule of the Atlantic Film Festival for 2014 is out and it’s time to start to think about what to see. There The F Word August 20, 2014 film & review & thefword Romantic comedy is one of the most popular genres and a genre that I don’t often watch. When I was invited to a preview screening of The F Word I Anticipating Atlantic Films August 8, 2014 atlanticfilmfestival & festivals & film & screen arts Still from Andrea Dorfman’s film Heartbeat A couple of days ago the Atlantic Film Festival made their first round of announcements and unveiled the Our Dystopian Cinematic Future July 23, 2014 film & history & summer One of the perplexing things to me is how so many Hollywood eggs are placed in so few baskets. It’s a large-scale mass-production industry, but in Cinematic Memes June 26, 2014 clmooc & film & frances ha & learning & memes & pacific rim Asa Butterfield and Chloe Grace Moretz in Hugo As part of the Making Learning Connected MOOC (#clmooc) we’ve been talking about memes. The most 86th Academy Award Predictions March 1, 2014 Academy Awards & film & lists & Oscars I’m lucky to have some wonderful friends and when it comes to talking about films and Hollywood and how the industry and pop culture intersect I Top Ten Films of 2013 January 1, 2014 2013 & film & lists & top 10 2013 was a good year for films. While not much really blew me away as some of the films last year did (Rust and Bone, and Holy Motors to name two), The 2013 Atlantic Film Festival September 29, 2013 aff2013 & festivals & film & review Every year I look forward to the Atlantic Film Festival. A wide range of films is shown along with parties and opportunities to connect and share Summer Movies 2013 September 8, 2013 film & frances ha & iron man & pacific rim & review & star trek & star wars & summer & superman & the worlds end I remember being in the theatre to see Star Wars, Superman: The Movie and Star Trek: The Motion Picture. They were eagerly anticipated and we sat Holy Motors June 8, 2013 film & Holy Motors & review Some films are not for everyone and other films have an even smaller target audience. There are more unique films that divide audiences and live in Favourite Films of 2012 December 31, 2012 2012 & film & lists & top 10 Every year there are a lot of great films and it is good to make up a list of the films that I really enjoyed. It’s funny, but over time it seems Favourite Films of the 2012 Atlantic Film Festival September 23, 2012 2012 & aff2012 & festivals & film & lists The Atlantic Film Festival is an annual festival that assembles a range of great short and feature films along with the filmmaking community in Preparing for the Atlantic Film Festival September 10, 2012 aff2012 & festival & festivals & film & planning Every year there is a wonderful sense of anticipation in the fall as school starts up again and I begin a new term of teaching. But the greatest My 10 Most Anticipated Films for the Atlantic Film Festival 2012 August 25, 2012 aff2012 & festivals & film Every year there are so many films and so little time at the Atlantic Film Festival. Going through the schedule and trying to figure out what to see Favourite Films of 2011 March 17, 2012 film While it seemed like a slow year for films (part way through the year I was wondering when the really great films were going to show up), as summer Melancholia December 11, 2011 film is quite simply a film about depression that blends a person dealing with depression that expands out to the actual destruction of the The Tree of Life July 14, 2011 film Terrence Malick makes unique and beautiful films with deliberate rhythms and a tantalizing (or some would say frustrating) ambiguity. With The Tree Source Code April 22, 2011 film The essential element in cinema is the reorganization of time and space. In the hands of a skilled filmmaker it makes you look at the world Favourite Films of 2010 and More January 3, 2011 film The past year was a pretty good one in film and it wasn’t really that difficult to come up with a list of the ten films I enjoyed the most. It was Never Let Me Go December 31, 2010 film While I haven’t read the novel, the film adaptation of Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go by Mark Romanek is a melancholy and beautiful science In a Better World December 31, 2010 film In Susanne Bier’s film In a Better World she examines male responsibility through the interlocking stories of two disrupted families and two young Mother December 30, 2010 film One of the most interesting and surprising films that I saw in the past year was Bong Joon-ho’s Mother, which is a unique thriller that constantly The American December 30, 2010 film If Albert Camus was a film director then perhaps The American is a film that he would have made. In Anton Corbijn’s second feature he creates an I Am Love December 30, 2010 film Tilda Swinton is stunningly beautiful and utterly captivating in the deliciously melodramatic I Am Love. In Luca Guadagnino’s film she is the fire Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives December 29, 2010 film Ghosts aren’t attached to places, but to people. My favourite film of the year and probably one of the decade would be Uncle Boonmee Who Can Fish Tank December 28, 2010 film Andrea Arnold wrote and directed Fish Tank, which is about a 15-year-old young woman who is struggling to figure out who she is. Set in housing The King’s Speech December 20, 2010 film In the modern world the idea of a monarch who has supreme power over people is a bit of an anachronism, but with the prospect of an upcoming royal Winter’s Bone December 19, 2010 film I went to see Winter’s Bone not knowing anything about it and was quite amazed at the film. It’s a low-buget beautifully-shot drama set in the A Prophet December 11, 2010 film There hasn’t been a film by Jacques Audiard that I haven’t liked, so there was a pretty good chance that the third film by him that I’d be seeing, My Top Ten Films from the 30th Atlantic Film Festival October 10, 2010 festivals & film As the summer winds down the excitement begins for the wide range of films that fill the screens during the Atlantic Film Festival in Halifax, Nova Being the Change: Day 2 - Pugwash Movement Retrospective - No Strange Dream July 11, 2010 conferences & film The morning workshop session that I attended at the Being the Change peace conference at Mount Saint Vincent University was a retrospective on the Top Ten Films of 2009 February 7, 2010 film While I’ve posted the list elsewhere, I didn’t really explain the choices. So here is the annotated collection of my favourite films from last year Pontypool March 28, 2009 film Bruce McDonald’s debut feature was the indie road movie / comedy Roadkill which took a heroine through rural Ontario looking for a band and the tag Top Ten New-to-Me Films for 2008 February 7, 2009 film I know it’s late for these lists, but I made it a while ago and just remembered that I didn’t write about. Each year there are many films that I Top Ten Films of 2008 December 30, 2008 film 2008 was another good year for film with many solid entries and it was probably one of the easier years for me to come up with a list of favourites Atlantic Film Festival 2008 October 11, 2008 festivals & film Another year, another Atlantic Film Festival, with this one being the 28th. This time I think that I got the balance just right and ended up seeing 28th Atlantic Film Festival September 14, 2008 festivals & film A few days in at the festival and I’m having a great time. This year I’m pacing myself a bit more and not going to as many parties but seeing more Pierrot le Fou June 9, 2008 film At this point in my life I’ve seen most of Jean-Luc Godard’s films and there is something to love in just about all of them, but I didn’t think Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull May 24, 2008 film In the late 70s Harrison Ford was mainly Han Solo to me. He’d been in other films, but it just seemed as if that’s who’d he be. George Lucas was on Top Ten Films of 2007 December 31, 2007 film Here we go for the 6th time and another list of 10 films that I loved this past year. It was a good year for film and it featured films from some of Top Ten Films of 2006 December 31, 2006 film This is the fifth list that I’ve made here and this year it seemed very easy. So in no particular order, here are the ten: Brick Rian Johnson’s Brick May 1, 2006 film Brendan: I won’t waste your time: you don’t know me. Laura: I know everyone, and I have all the time in the world. Film noir is an inferred I Like to Watch March 22, 2006 film I’ve been watching a lot of films lately, which is a lot of fun. Much of that is due to subscribing to a DVD-by-mail service called Zip.ca. You add Favourite Films of 2005 January 1, 2006 film If you write about films, you have to make lists and this is the time of year that you make those lists. 2005 was a pretty good year for films and Breakfast on Pluto December 3, 2005 festivals & film What matters is the journey. Cillian Murphy is wonderful as Patrick “Kitten” Braden in Neil Jordan’s latest film, Breakfast on Pluto. It’s based It’s All Gone Pete Tong November 30, 2005 film The music mockumentary is a difficult form due to some outstanding films that established the genre. It’s All Gone Pete Tong starts off as an Niceland October 17, 2005 festivals & film What is the purpose of life? Niceland is a quirkly little film that takes us on a search for meaning. It’s a simple story constructed out of The Dying Gaul October 11, 2005 festivals & film Take the million, write something else. I don’t know what it is, but it seems that if Patricia Clarkson is in a film, there is a strong Read My Lips (Sur Mes Levres) August 30, 2005 film A thriller often is an interesting exercise. How are things arranged and how do they play out? A thriller can be constructed out of many well-worn Ghost Dog August 27, 2005 film I don’t know how to describe the film other than to say that Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai is a film that Jim Jarmusch in 1999. Like many of the The Assassination of Richard Nixon August 25, 2005 film The 1970s were a turbulent time in the U.S. and a lot of interesting films came out of that time. Niels Mueller firmly sets The Assassination of Touch of Evil August 24, 2005 film Just because he speaks a little guilty, that don’t make him innocent, you know. Touch of Evil is a fascinating film in many ways. It was the The Five Obstructions August 21, 2005 film In 1967 Danish filmmaker Jørgen Leth made the short film, Det Perfekte Menneske (The Perfect Human), which is a sparse short film that shows people Dear Frankie August 17, 2005 film Maybe it’s just the films that make it over here, but I’ve loved every film from Scotland that I’ve seen over the last while. The latest one is Dear Strike August 15, 2005 film Filmmaking is a collaborative art that builds upon other media and the work that has come before. There are certain filmmakers who advance the art Broken Flowers August 14, 2005 film Jim Jarmusch doesn’t make big-budget or flashy films. They appear and slowly work their way through film festivals and around art-house theatres. The Agronomist August 12, 2005 film Whether he’s making a thriller, a comedy, a drama, a music documentary or a documentary, Jonathan Demme is able to bring together the elements to Go Further July 26, 2005 film In 2001 Woody Harrelson went on a tour to promote environmentally-friendly alternatives to our destructive lifestyle. Travelling in a bio-fueled bus Charlie and the Chocolate Factory July 16, 2005 film Tim Burton brings his quirky and distinctive style to Roald Dahl’s novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It’s a wild and wacky ride of a movie Strangers With Candy July 15, 2005 film If you’re gonna reach for a star, reach for the lowest one you can. How did I miss this? In 1999 Comedy Central began airing Strangers With Take the Money and Run July 8, 2005 film One of the things about subscribing to a movies-by-mail service like Zip.ca is that my obsessive tendencies in watching films can be catered to. So Baisers Volés (Stolen Kisses) July 6, 2005 film I’ve been brushing up on my cinematic history lately and was very glad to see Baisers Volés (Stolen Kisses), which is part of François Truffaut’s Batman Begins July 4, 2005 film Christopher Nolan revitalizes and restarts the Batman films with Batman Begins. A zeroing of the cinematic odometer was desperately needed with the Birth July 1, 2005 film is a odd, subtle, and haunting film about love and loss directed by Jonathan Glazer. The film is built around an amazing performance by Nicole Sonic Outlaws June 29, 2005 film Craig Baldwin’s 1995 documentary Sonic Outlaws tells the story of audio visual artists and rebels who increasingly are being threated by laws that Spider June 11, 2005 film Clothes maketh the man and the less there is of the man, the more the need of the clothes. David Cronenberg has had a fascinating career and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy May 3, 2005 film It’s taken a long time for this film to arrive. I’m not sure if any film could live up to the expectations for the adaptation of The Hitchhikers’ Millions April 23, 2005 film It wasn’t really about the money. I usually see films that I like more than once, but not usually in the same week. I saw Millions for the All About Lily Chou-Chou April 15, 2005 film One of my favourite films that I saw in 2002 was All About Lily Chou-Chou, which I saw at the Atlantic Film Festival. It was released on DVD a few A Very Long Engagement March 13, 2005 film Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s films have a very distinctive look and an obsessive attention to detail that result in the creation of gorgeous cinematic Sideways March 12, 2005 film At times when I was watching Sideways I felt as if I was watching an infomercial for California wine, but overall it’s an entertaining look at a The Tipping Point March 5, 2005 film I love Malcolm Gladwell’s writing and while his best known and most influential book is The Tipping Point, I hadn’t read it until a few months ago. Breakfast With Hunter March 2, 2005 film The recent death of Hunter S. Thompson has probably prompted many people to watch the films connected with the good doctor that founded and Ratcatcher March 1, 2005 film Lynne Ramsay is able to capture real moments between people. A big challenge when creating a film is to show character through action and not Stander February 20, 2005 film What if you made a film and nobody saw it? What if you made a great film and nobody saw it? The film Stander, directed by Bronwen Hughes falls into Vera Drake February 14, 2005 film Watching a film is a voyeuristic experience and Mike Leigh structures things so that the conditions are right to increase the chances of real Dirty Pretty Things February 9, 2005 film There is nothing so dangerous as a virtuous man. You can’t find a better dramatic situation than a character who has to struggle with moral The Aviator February 6, 2005 film Martin Scorsese knows how to make a film. How to make it look, sound, and flow. While The Aviator isn’t Scorsese’s best film, it’s great to watch. Maria Full of Grace February 2, 2005 film Sometimes small, independent films miss my radar. A few nights ago I was able to see Maria Full of Grace at the Al Whittle Theatre as part of the Garden State January 30, 2005 film Maybe that’s all family really is. A group of people who miss the same imaginary place. It’s good when people take a chance. Zach Braff is Napoleon Dynamite January 13, 2005 film Just follow your heart. That’s what I do. After many people telling me to see the film and few people describing it much, I finally saw Napoleon Top Ten Films of 2004 December 31, 2004 film It’s fun to make lists and I think that I have my top ten films for this year. Looking back I had 5 favourites for 2002 and 7 for 2003, so I figured Young Adam December 11, 2004 film Thanks to a mention by Hugh MacLeod. I found out about the film Young Adam, directed by David Mackenzie. It’s a film from Scotland that’s hard to Shaun of the Dead December 4, 2004 film Every now and then you find something interesting by accident and really enjoy it. It’s like a wonderful present and a glimpse of a world you didn’t Melvin Goes to Dinner November 29, 2004 film Remember that night you went out and ran into a friend and had a drink and started talking. You found out a lot about your friend, things you never Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind DVD November 11, 2004 film Michel Gondry is an amazing visual filmmaker and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is remarkable, but simple story about love and loss. While Ed Wood November 11, 2004 film I don’t know why, but the DVD release of Ed Wood was delayed several times. Finally it came out and I had to get it since I loved the film when it Good Bye, Lenin! October 24, 2004 film is a gently humourous film that is an ironic love letter to East Germany. Wolfgang Becker directs the cast in a subtle way that Tarnation October 12, 2004 festivals & film probably isn’t the type of film you’d think that someone would make out of home movies over a couple of decades using iMovie. But then Atlantic Film Festival 2004 September 22, 2004 festivals & film I’m in the middle of the Atlantic Film Festival this year and it’s a great time. Lots of amazing films and people and not much time to actually Bright Leaves September 16, 2004 festivals & film The reality is slipping away. Ross McElwee is a very personal filmmaker. The first film that I saw by him, Sherman’s March (just out on DVD), The Manchurian Candidate (1962) August 19, 2004 film One of the fascinating things about looking at older political thrillers is to see how the political world of the film has changed. Common knowledge Collateral August 17, 2004 film Michael Mann takes a bold step into the world of HD with Collateral. More films are being shot using HD and with a filmmaker such as Mann, who makes The Manchurian Candidate August 16, 2004 film Jonathan Demme has a knack for creating a feeling of uneasiness. He made the amazing The Silence of the Lambs which featured actors looking directly Big Fish August 4, 2004 film I’ve liked every one of the films that Tim Burton has made, but for some inexplicable reason I didn’t see Big Fish in the theatre. While many The Dreamers August 3, 2004 film Bernado Bertolucci loves cinema. If you don’t believe me, then see The Dreamers. It’s a light, wonderful love letter to cinema which, for many, is City of God July 28, 2004 film There are films that are stylish and there are films that have important social messages. Most of the time those are two very different films. Then Stanley Kubrick’s Birthday July 26, 2004 film Today is Stanley Kubrick’s birthday and now I’m starting a tradition of writing about Kubrick on his birthday. Kubrick is one of the most focussed Bus 174 July 24, 2004 film José Padilha’s 2002 documentary Bus 174 is about a bus hijacking in Rio de Janeiro in 2000 is a gripping, heart-wrenching look at an incident as an Once Upon a Time in the West July 8, 2004 film Sergio Leone knew how to use the frame. Many years ago I saw “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly” on tv and I was mesmerized by it. Then I was lucky Spider-Man 2 June 30, 2004 film In the first Spider-Man Sam Raimi had to set everything up and establish the franchise. If he did it well, there would be another film. He did a Fahrenheit 9/11 June 28, 2004 film Michael Moore gets a bit better with each film. Fahrenheit 9/11 continues his series of quirky political documentaries in a very timely fashion. Spartan June 26, 2004 film David Mamet has a distinctive writing style that blends elements of reality with a stylized way of speaking to create memorable puzzles where you Hand Processing Workshop Photos June 11, 2004 film I put some of the photos that I took during the recent hand processing film workshop at the NB Filmmakers Co-op up on my Mac.com site. They are in Hand Processing Workshop June 8, 2004 film [Chris and Tony in the darkroom thumbnail]/_images/hand_processing_workshop.jpg)A couple of weeks ago I took a great hand-processing 16mm and 8mm Stevie June 6, 2004 film Last night I saw Steve James’ documentary Stevie which is built around James’ idea of going back to find out how the boy he had been a Big Brother The Fog of War May 24, 2004 film Errol Morris is a film craftsman. His films tell challenging stories in visually interesting ways. The Fog of War won the Academy Award for Best Bolex Workshop May 18, 2004 film Last weekend I went up to Fredericton for a two-day workshop at the NB Filmmakers’ Coop. It was the Bolex: 2 Day Filmmaking Boot Camp workshop Down By Law May 12, 2004 film One of my all-time favourite films is Down By Law, directed by Jim Jarmusch. I haven’t seen it in years and maybe not since the first time that I Morvern Callar May 10, 2004 film How can you describe something that works so well without saying a lot? One thing that I don’t like about many reviews is the recounting of the plot The Work of Director Michel Gondry April 26, 2004 film I’ve liked just about everything that I’ve seen from Michel Gondry, from music videos for The Chemical Brothers and Bjork to the film Human Nature. Film Co-op Spring Social April 25, 2004 film Friday was a busy day for me. I started out the day with the last day of the term with a wave of assignments coming in to me that now need to be Acting Fun April 6, 2004 film I was lucky enough to be asked to act in a student production yesterday. It wasn’t much of a part, but I loved it as it let me see a bunch of my Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind April 4, 2004 film Michel Gondry’s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a low-key film that explores loss and memory. Shot in a hand-held and casual style, it Hellboy April 3, 2004 film Comic books are fertile ground for film adaptation now. With the development of special effects and the success of some recent big-budget comic book Cléo de 5 a 7 (Cleo from 5 to 7) April 2, 2004 film The Nouvelle Vague or New Wave of French cinema in my understanding is defined mainly by Jean-Luc Godard and François Truffaut. When I first saw À Citizen Kubrick March 27, 2004 film Jon Ronson has a fascinating article called “Citizen Kubrick” in The Guardian today about Stanley Kubrick’s archive. It’s an amazing look into the Mr. Death March 26, 2004 film Errol Morris is a gifted filmmaker who carefully constructs his stories in a deliberate and highly-entertaining fashion. Mr. Death: The Rise and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind March 26, 2004 film George Clooney made his directorial debut with an adaptation of Chuck Barris’ “unauthorized autobiography” Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. It’s an The Virgin Suicides March 25, 2004 film Sofia Coppola’s debut feature The Virgin Suicides has many of the elements of her recent and personal favourite Lost in Translation. I hadn’t seen Film Co-op Memories March 24, 2004 film The first film set that I was ever on was “The Spectre of Rexton” which was directed by Kevin Holden. It was many years ago in the 1980s and my Standing in the Shadows of Motown March 22, 2004 film I’ve been lucky enough to work on documentaries that gave me a chance to meet and learn about amazing people and stories that I would never have New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Cooperative is 25! March 1, 2004 film About 21 years ago I first found out about the New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Cooperative in Fredericton New Brunswick and today the Coop (as I will Northfork January 10, 2004 film is a stunningly beautiful, original film by the Polish Brothers, Michael and Mark. It tells the story of the death by drowning of a David Cross: Let America Laugh January 3, 2004 film I guess that I was expecting more of a concert-type film and it took a bit of adjustment (a few minutes) but then I really got into Lance Bangs’ No Maps For These Territories January 1, 2004 film One of the challenges with independent films is seeing them if you don’t go to a lot of film festivals or have some of the premium cable channels. A Favourite Films of 2003 December 31, 2003 film Last year when I made up my list of films I said that I had a hard time thinking of a list of the best films since there didn’t seem to be a lot of Bad Santa December 13, 2003 film Some films are not what they seem or are hard to market or easily fit into a category. Some very good films that I would put in that category would L’Homme du Train (The Man on the Train) December 5, 2003 film Last week I saw Patrice Leconte’s L’Homme du Train (Man on the Train). I’ve wanted to see it for a while and the Fundy Film Society brought it in American Splendor November 24, 2003 film I saw American Splendor last night and was very pleasantly surprised. It’s a wonderful mixture of drama and documentary that adapts Harvey Pekar’s A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American Movies November 8, 2003 film I just finished watching “A Personal Journey With Martin Scorsese Through American Movies” which was codirected by Scorsese and Michael Henry School of Rock October 29, 2003 film I’m a teacher of Screen Arts which is filmmaking, and that’s part of the entertainment industry, which is related to music. One of the great things Once Upon a Time in Mexico October 28, 2003 film With a title that is an obvious reference to the films of Sergio Leone (who made Once Upon a Time in the West and Once Upon a Time in America), Intolerable Cruelty October 18, 2003 film I’m a big fan of Joel and Ethan Coen’s films. I’ve liked every one of them for different reasons and I’m always excited to see what they’ll do next. Lost in Translation October 4, 2003 film Sofia Coppola creates a beautiful, gentle, and subtle story in Lost in Translation. I loved this film. It is rare to see a film that is built out of My Life Without Me September 20, 2003 film Isabel Coixet directs the amazing Sarah Polley in My Life Without Me, the story of a 23 year old woman who finds out that she only has months to The Saddest Music in the World September 20, 2003 film Guy Maddin makes the most beautiful films that can sometimes be quite challenging to watch. If you haven’t seen his work, imagine that Eisenstein Love That Boy September 20, 2003 film One thing that I always try to do at film festivals is have the last film that I see be a film that I really like. This year I was lucky and Andy Jones: To The Wall September 20, 2003 film About a year and half ago I was at a conference in New Brunswick that featured a showcase with a great lineup of Atlantic Canadian talent. The Festival Fun September 19, 2003 film Today was a busy day and I’m just in the middle of it. The Atlantic Film Festival is in full swing now and the nice highlight and heart and oasis of The Station Agent September 18, 2003 film Yesterday I saw the American independent feature, The Station Agent, which is showing tonight as the Anniversary Gala as part of the Atlantic Film Les Invasions Barbares September 18, 2003 film Denys Arcand is Quebec’s top director…he’s made some of my favourite films, including Jésus de Montréal, as well as Le Déclin de L’Empire Américain AKA September 17, 2003 film A few nights ago I saw Duncan Roy’s AKA which is a no-budget 35mm feature that tells the story of Dean Page, who manages to jump above his station. The Magical Workshop of Ann Marie Fleming September 17, 2003 film On Monday I attended a great workshop with Ann Marie Fleming, the creative force behind The Magical Life of Long Tack Sam. The workshop was a Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself September 17, 2003 film Every now and then you see a film that you don’t know anything about and experience everything about it in a fresh way. I didn’t know much about Frame x Frame I September 16, 2003 film The first animated shorts program of the Atlantic Film Festival, Frame x Frame, was a diverse and entertaining mixture of styles, technique, and International Shorts I September 16, 2003 film The International Shorts I program at the Atlantic Film Festival was great. It’s one of the reasons that I love going to festivals as shorter work Proteus September 16, 2003 film John Greyson’s latest feature film is the hauntingly beautiful Proteus, which, on the surface, tells the story of love triangle set in 1725 in a John Greyson Master Class September 16, 2003 film I’m so glad that I saw Proteus and then was able to take John Greyson’s Directing Master Class. It was a lot of fun and was packed with clips and The Magical Life of Long Tack Sam September 13, 2003 film Long Tack Sam was an acrobat, magician, performer and vaudevillian who was one of the most amazing performers of all time. He’s also Ann Marie On The Corner September 13, 2003 film Nathaniel Geary’s feature film debut is On the Corner, which tells the story of a brother and sister struggling to survive in Vancouver’s Downtown 23rd Atlantic Film Festival September 12, 2003 film Today the latest installment of the Atlantic Film Festival starts in Halifax. It’s a great festival that is big enough to have a wide range of Whale Rider September 6, 2003 film Last night I saw Whale Rider, which is an amazing film from New Zealand. Based on a novel by Witi Ihimaera and directed by Niki Caro it tells the Valley Drive-in August 9, 2003 film Last night I had the pleasure of going to the Valley Drive-in. It’s been a long, long time since I went to the drive-in. There aren’t that many to 28 Days Later June 29, 2003 film I saw Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later yesterday and I loved it. Although it’s being promoted as a zombie horror film, it falls more into the British The Guru June 28, 2003 film I took a chance and bought the DVD of “The Guru” last night and I wasn’t disappointed. I’d seen the trailer for the film and it looked like a neat Frida June 27, 2003 film A few days ago I watched the DVD of Frida and was pleasantly surprised by it. I hadn’t seen the trailer for the film and only saw brief glimpses, so Miller’s Crossing May 21, 2003 film One of my all-time favourite films, Miller’s Crossing, has finally been released on DVD. I bought it yesterday along with Barton Fink, which also The Matrix Reloaded May 15, 2003 film The Matrix is a hard act to follow. My first exposure was through the Web site that was set up that posed the question “What is the Matrix?” It was Comedian May 14, 2003 film I watched the documentary “Comedian” last night. It’s about Jerry Seinfeld putting together a new act. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the creative X2 May 3, 2003 film The sequel to X-Men isn’t like the original, even though pretty much everyone is the same on both sides fo the camera. X2 is a lot of fun and not as Human Nature March 5, 2003 film I saw the 2001 film “Human Nature” on the weekend and I liked it. I didn’t know really what to expect, but I wanted to see it since the script was My Wife is an Actress February 24, 2003 film She’s not, actually, but that’s the name of the film we watched last night (Ma Femme est une Actrice). I’ve been on a bit of a French film kick the 24 Hour Party People January 26, 2003 film It seems somewhat appropriate that I saw Michael Winterbottom’s film “24 Hour Party People” around the same time that I saw “Adaptation”. Both films Adaptation January 19, 2003 film I finally was able to see Adaptation yesterday and I wasn’t disappointed. It was made by the same team of writer Charlie Kaufman and director Spike Catch Me If You Can January 7, 2003 film Belatedly I will put up a quick review. Spielberg’s latest is Catch Me If You Can. It’s one of those films that are solid and fun, but don’t really Gangs of New York January 7, 2003 film I didn’t get to see Martin Scorsese’s latest, “Gangs of New York” until this year, but it would have bumped “Bowling for Columbine” off my list of Top Five Films of 2002 December 31, 2002 film As the minutes tick away and 2002 ends I figured I’d make a list of the top 5 films that I saw in the past year. In no particular order here it Solaris November 28, 2002 film Steven Soderberg has created an amazing version of Stanislaw Lem’s novel “Solaris” (also a 1972 Russian film by Andrei Tarkovsky)that will probably Lola Rennt (Run Lola Run) November 27, 2002 film In keeping with my catching up theme I finally saw “Run Lola Run” this weekend and I really enjoyed it. Amazing energy, technically superb with a La Mariée était en noir (The Bride Wore Black) November 27, 2002 film It has been too long since I’ve seen any classic films so I went and rented Truffaut’s “The Bride Wore Black”. I loved it. Come to think of it, I’ve Monsoon Wedding November 27, 2002 film Yet another film that I saw this weekend was Mira Nair’s “Monsoon Wedding” which is the somewhat loose, but gorgeous tale of a wedding in India with Tidal Wave 2 November 11, 2002 film I just arrived home from the second annual Tidal Wave Film Festival in Fredericton. I had a great time last year and I had a great time this year as When Voices Rise… on tape and DVD October 28, 2002 film The VHS and DVD versions of “When Voices Rise…” were officially launched last Saturday night at the B.I.U. in Hamilton, Bermuda with Errol present. Beckett on Film October 19, 2002 film Every now and then something happens that you don’t know about…well I guess that more often than not things would happen that everybody wouldn’t Comedian Trailer October 19, 2002 film & comedy & documentary There’s a new documentary about Jerry Seinfeld that will (hopefully) be appearing in theatres soon. Documentaries tend not to get wide theatrical The Conversations October 11, 2002 film I’m reading a book now that I absolutely love. “The Conversations: Walter Murch and the Art of Editing Film” is a series of conversations between CQ DVD October 10, 2002 film I finally was able to see the film “CQ” by purchasing the DVD. I’ve been anticipating it for a while as the trailer looked great. There is always When Voices Rise… Has North American Premiere October 4, 2002 film The most exciting part of the Atlantic Film Festival a couple of weeks ago was the North American premiere of “When Voices Rise…” on Friday, October All About Lily Chou-Chou September 29, 2002 film One of the challenges of a film festival is trying to pick out what film to see when there are two films playing at the same time. On the Thursday Critics Take on Bowling for Columbine September 29, 2002 film The Atlantic Film Festival is made up of three major areas: the films, parties and the Industry Series which features a great array or panels and Little Criminals September 25, 2002 film If you have to come up with a one-liner it’s obvious: “Trainspotting for real…” but it doesn’t really do justice to the film. “Little Criminals” is I am Trying to Break Your Heart September 22, 2002 film One of the documentaries that I was really looking forward to was Sam Jones’ film about the band Wilco called “I am Trying to Break Your Heart.” It 8 Femmes September 18, 2002 film The most unexpected treat of the Atlantic Film Festival so far (aside from the wonderful staff and volunteers) was the French film “8 Femmes” (“8 The Bay of Love and Sorrows September 18, 2002 film Miramichi of the summer of 1973 was evoked in the tragic tale of “The Bay of Love and Sorrows” which is based on the David Adams Richards novel of Bowling for Columbine September 17, 2002 film The first film that I saw at the Atlantic Film Festival was Michael Moore’s latest, “Bowling for Columbine.” A entertaining, at times funny, at Atlantic Film Festival September 16, 2002 film It’s here again. The 22nd Annual Atlantic Film Festival. With an almost overwhelming lineup of films this time, I’m going to be using my pass to get Stanley Kubrick July 25, 2002 film It’s Stanley Kubrick’s birthday today. I was trying to rewatch all the Kubrick films that I could before today, but I only managed to get through The Royal Tenenbaums July 12, 2002 film In my almost obsessive collecting of DVDs I carefully look at the DVDs and their packaging and content, interface, etc. One that I had been waiting Is It Now? June 25, 2002 film Just saw “Minority Report” tonight. I have to say that I really enjoyed it. While “A.I.” was creepy and unsatisfying to me (I kept thinking that Transe Atlantique June 8, 2002 art & film One of the highlights of my time in Moncton (those 4 nights and 5 days last month) was meeting some of the people from the place and going to an Cultural Emergency May 27, 2002 film Still tired from the conference in Moncton I received a call from Brian White, a filmmaker who was about to go up North to shoot a documentary about When Voices Rise in Triumph May 22, 2002 film by Chris Campbell I have a theory about filmmaking and more specifically, filmmakers. Deep within those who feel compelled to tell stories visually The Matrix May 16, 2002 film The new trailer for the two Matrix sequels, Reloaded and Revolutions are up. The first one is out in 53 weeks, the second sequel in November 2003. CQ May 10, 2002 film I’ve been looking at the site and trailer for the film CQ. A good use of Flash as well. Roman Coppola’s film premiered nearly a year ago at Cannes.