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A Decade of Flickr August 10, 2014 canon & flickr & history & holga & iphone & photos & zenit While I was in Sackville for Sappyfest I was taking pictures with my iPhone and while taking a walk I remembered how the first photo that I posted Polaroid Photos July 27, 2010 photos Sometimes there are lucky coincidences in life that expand your image creation possibilities. One of my daughters found a previously enjoyed Flickr September 6, 2004 photos I like to think that I’m an alpha geek. I try as much stuff out as I can and I like to be able to see things that are coming or things that I want Transmission Tower QTVR June 4, 2004 photos As I mentioned early on in the life of this site, I’ve had a strange attraction to the Radio Canada International shortwave broadcasting station in iStockPhoto January 18, 2003 photos Last year I first read about iStockPhoto when Zeldman wrote about them. iStockPhoto isn’t your typical online source of royalty-free stock