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Mr. Show Season 3 DVD April 17, 2004 dvd & comedy I really like Mr. Show and when it was aired in Canada on The Comedy Network I taped as many as I could. But there were some gaps, but now in the The Office December 9, 2003 dvd & comedy I’ve watched the first season of the BBC series, The Office and I love it. I’d read about it and saw most of an episode and took the plunge and Comedian Trailer October 19, 2002 film & comedy & documentary There’s a new documentary about Jerry Seinfeld that will (hopefully) be appearing in theatres soon. Documentaries tend not to get wide theatrical Mr. Show June 24, 2002 dvd & comedy & tv I’m the proud owner of the new DVD of the first and second seasons of Mr. Show. Pretty much impossible to describe, Mr. Show is the brainchild of