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CLMOOC 2016: An Introduction to Me July 14, 2016 clmooc & learning Trying to figure out what to do with CLMOOC is a challenge each time (here is how I started in 2015 and how I began in 2014. The easiest thing for Geolocating Myself In The Landscape of Grand-Pré July 28, 2015 biking & clmooc & connected learning & grand-pre & learning & places In keeping with my less thinking and more making goal for Making Learning Connected this year, I woke up and saw it wasn’t raining, so I hopped on Games and Learning July 24, 2015 clmooc & connected learning & games & learning Every year with the Connected Learning MOOC the pattern with me seems to be diving in, getting caught up in other summer stuff, and starting to My Favourite Teacher July 9, 2015 clmooc & festivals & learning & people I’m in the middle of the connected learning that is happening as part of #clmooc this year and Joe Dillon tagged me in the Google Plus community as Remediating an Introduction July 2, 2015 audio & clmooc & connected learning & learning The second make cycle of CLMOOC is on and I struggled a little bit with what to do in remediating something. Using one of the suggestions from the Unmaking an Introduction June 22, 2015 clmooc & film & learning & music The past couple of years the Connected Learning MOOC (Massively Open Online Collaboration) has been conducted by Educator Innovator and the Writing Toolkit July 24, 2014 750words & byword & clmooc & software & squarespace & writing It’s good to write and it’s even better to write every day. One of the cycles in #clmooc this year is “Hack Your Writing” and it’s made me think Teaching as Improvisational Game July 3, 2014 clmooc & learning & nintendo & super mario galaxy & teaching One of the best parts of #clmooc is how the sharing of resources and discussion broadens and deepens everything. For the third cycle the topic is Cinematic Memes June 26, 2014 clmooc & film & frances ha & learning & memes & pacific rim Asa Butterfield and Chloe Grace Moretz in Hugo As part of the Making Learning Connected MOOC (#clmooc) we’ve been talking about memes. The most Starting in CLMOOC Again June 21, 2014 clmooc & connected learning & learning & teaching The end of the term is the beginning of summer vacation for many teachers. Thinking about teaching and learning wouldn’t be what you necessarily A Credo for Teaching August 1, 2013 clmooc & credo & learning & teaching As part of the Making Learning Connected MOOC (#clmooc) I’ve been reflecting on teaching and learning over the month of July. Part of the process Teaching Electronic Toolkit June 26, 2013 clmooc & learning & teaching & tools As the school year ends I like to think about what I do and how I can do it better. You need to have a system to stay on track to be able to get Making Coffee June 18, 2013 clever & clmooc & coffee & connected learning & learning This is the beginning of the Making Learning Connected Massive Open Online Collaboration (MOOC) or the more hashtaggy #clmooc. It’s a neat summer