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Geolocating Myself In The Landscape of Grand-Pré July 28, 2015 biking & clmooc & connected learning & grand-pre & learning & places In keeping with my less thinking and more making goal for Making Learning Connected this year, I woke up and saw it wasn’t raining, so I hopped on Time for More Biking May 17, 2015 biking & health I love riding my bike. It’s fun and great exercise as well. Last year I rode 1325 kilometres and my goal for this year is to get over 2000 kms. It The Pleasures of Bike Riding May 19, 2014 biking & places Riding a bike is a lot of fun. You move faster than walking or running, but it is still all under your control. You connect with the world around Summer Biking June 22, 2013 biking & brodie & cyclemeter & exercise & fitbit & summer It’s summer and over the past few years the goal for the summer for me has been to bike as much as possible. Over the years the goal has been to