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Designing for Behavior Change March 30, 2014 behaviour & book & books & fitbit & lift & review If you’ve tried changing something you to do to be healthier, you’ve probably used an application or device to assist you. What was once an obscure The Pleasures of Baking Bread March 15, 2010 books & cooking One of the most enjoyable things that you can do is bake a loaf of bread. It’s basic and nourishing and provides a little bit of magic in your day. The Myths of Innovation July 4, 2007 books With his second book, The Myths of Innovation, Scott Berkun takes a different approach to the subject. With The Art of Project Management, he The Art of Project Management June 26, 2005 books Scott Berkun is my favourite writer of essays on managing people. Through the essays on his site and his essential PM Clinic mailing list, you can Blink March 15, 2005 books How quickly can you figure something out? Apparently if you’re good at it, you can tell with very little information very quickly. Malcolm Gladwell The Coma August 23, 2004 books “If we wait long enough, something strange will happen.” I’ve only read one novel by Alex Garland and seen one film where he wrote the script. I Hacking and Making Stuff August 19, 2004 books Hacking is moving into the mainstream. O’Reilly has their successful “Hacks” series of books and people just can’t resist finding out how things You Are Here February 4, 2004 books I’m finishing up a very neat book called You Are Here: Personal Geographies and Other Maps of the Imagination that was a Christmas present (which All Tomorrow’s Parties January 5, 2004 books I just finished reading William Gibson’s All Tomorrow’s Parties which I like a lot. I’ve become a bit of a fan of Gibson in reverse. I’d known about Pattern Recognition May 1, 2003 books One thing that I’m specifically trying to do is to read more books that aren’t manuals or non-fiction. So I picked up William Gibson’s Pattern MOMA Russian Avant-Garde Book Exhibition October 11, 2002 art & books The Museum of Modern Art in New York is an amazing place. While working on Echoes in the Rink: The Willie O’Ree Story we shot in New York and I was Souvenir of Canada July 2, 2002 books What does it mean to be Canadian? Or more to the point, how does it feel to be Canadian? In general I think that Canadians have a difficult time