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From Complex to Simple: Lessons from 13 Years of Blogging October 5, 2015 bitdepth & blogging & BlogJam2015 & history & web & writing It started with text, it’s always text. Words are important, words are the building blocks of my blog and the closer I am to them, the better. Tilde.club October 11, 2014 history & tilde.club & web The blank page is a challenge and the blinking cursor is full of possibility, but it can be hard to get started. The key is to just go. It’s good 8 Years of Twitter October 6, 2014 twitter & twitterrific & web Thanks to the wonderful analytical service ThinkUp, this morning I realized that I joined Twitter as @bitdepth and started sharing little updates 8 Preserving the Past August 9, 2014 blogging & history & web & writing As we share more of ourselves online on various sites, it’s important to think about preserving it. Unless you have things backed up on your own, I Was Doing 43 Things July 28, 2014 43people & 43places & 43things & allconsuming & history & robotcoop & web “I’m trying out 43 Things and it’s very addictive. It’s a great way to keep track of and share things that you want to do. What adds to the Time to Lock Your Online Doors April 12, 2014 1password & heartbleed & passwords & security & web It’s a pain to remember passwords and change them all the time. That is why many people don’t have good passwords or a routine where to change Ten July 27, 2012 blogging & web Most of my life seems to consist of a series of repeating events. Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. It’s a good way to get things done and to have a Storing my Stuff in Pinboard April 17, 2011 web Keeping track of what you read online can be a challenge with the diverse ways of finding and reading things. Now there are devices everywhere to Bitdepth is now 7 May 31, 2009 web I suppose 7 is a lucky number, and I can’t let an opportunity pass to start posting again, so what can be said about this blog turning 7? It appears Five Years of Flickr February 11, 2009 web Five years ago today Flickr started and it changed the way that people view and share photos online. It also was the first place that I really used Friendly Rules January 31, 2009 people & web At the recent and wonderful Podcamp Halifax, the first session that I attended was Joel Kelly’s “Unfriend Someone Today”, which was all about small, specific, and real November 22, 2008 people & web What makes something compelling in any form, mediated or not? Popularity means an audience but in that crowd, people form the connection. Memories Wordle and del.icio.us June 29, 2008 web & tagging & technology Thanks to Carolyn for pointing out the very lovely visualization tool Wordle from Jonathan Feinberg. It allows you to either paste words or use a Firefox 3 Download Day June 15, 2008 web My web browser of choice has been Firefox for a few years now. I love how it works and it just keeps getting better and better. I’ve been using the Bitdepth Year 6 May 19, 2008 web Six years ago I started this blog and it’s been my online home for that time as everything changed around it. Now everything is spread out much more Changing Bitdepth December 2, 2007 web When I started this site in May of 2002, I was using Rael Dornfest’s amazing Blosxom script that takes text files and converts them into postings. Five Years of Bitdepth June 9, 2007 web About six years ago Carolyn was talking with me about weblogs or blogs as they’re commonly known now. She saw the possibilities right away while I Home is Where Your Friends Are March 25, 2007 web Sometimes I feel that I’m spread a bit too thin online, but I can’t seem to stop myself for signing up to new things because it’s just so much fun. Being Online December 30, 2006 web Presence online is a interesting thing as we put various parts of ourselves online and share different words, images, sounds and video. Habits Why blip.tv Rocks August 26, 2006 web There are many places to upload and share video now and it’s very easy to view and create it too. But a while ago I found blip.tv and liked it right irrepressible.info June 11, 2006 web http://fragments.irrepressible.info/js/fragment-468.js The web is an amazing way to share things, connect and find information. But the unlimited Bitdepth is Four May 10, 2006 web Looking at the date I realize that I’ve had this blog up and running for four years now. It’s the beginning of year five and I looked back over some Presence and Absence October 9, 2005 web I haven’t been here for a long time. My plan was to write a lot during the Atlantic Film Festival, but I didn’t. I wrote more in my Moleskine than Technorati Tags January 14, 2005 web One of the signs that things are maturing with information on the Web is that things are becoming much more closely linked together. A few days ago Weaving a Web January 8, 2005 web One thing that I’ve noticed is that I’m increasing my presence online. I don’t know if the quality is increasing or if it is just more stuff, but I What Happened and What’s Next January 1, 2005 technology & history & web The online world was very exciting for me in 2004. Blogging kept plugging away and I rediscovered Blogger which Google purchased. The great thing One Thousand Photos December 18, 2004 web I just uploaded a photo to Flickr that brings the size of my archive to one thousand photos. That’s a lot and it confirms my belief that Flickr is a Community November 5, 2004 people & web I’ve been lucky to be part of many different communities in my life. At the time you don’t necessarily think of them as communities as they just Bye Bye Browser October 16, 2004 web I’ve been using the browser less and less since I started using NetNewsWire to read RSS feeds. It’s one the best shareware investments that I’ve Snarky Comments Loosely Joined October 15, 2004 web A couple of nights ago I sat down to watch the U.S. Presidential Debate and decided to join in the second IRC chat that David Weinberger set up. I Blogger August 20, 2004 web I’ve been using Blogger to create a new Screen Arts blog and I really like it. I tried out Blogger when it first started and had a bit of the usual, Wikipedia June 13, 2004 web Wikis are very neat. They are Web sites that are easily editable by anyone. It’s kind of like a public binder where anyone can add pages and anyone ZeD June 12, 2004 video & web I’ve been a member of ZeD for while and have been watching and lurking without uploading anything. In the past the only thing that I’ve uploaded has Remembering the Web That Was November 30, 2003 web & history About a week ago my son asked me for some help with redoing his Web site. He’s seven years old and he likes to do things that everyone else in the ALA is Back October 25, 2003 web & design I haven’t done much Web design or coding in the last while. I haven’t been teaching it either. But I still keep up with things and always at the Guardian Unlimited Weblog May 6, 2003 web During the war in or on Iraq I relied a lot on online news sources…in general I’ve been getting more and more of news from online sources and not Emergent Report April 13, 2003 web One thing that I’ve realized about my ’blog (becoming self-reflexive in a very blog-like way) is that I try not to be in the blogrolling mode with Something Clicked February 15, 2003 web It’s neat when something comes into focus all of a sudden. I read “The Death of the ‘Comments’ Section. RIP” by Steve Mallett and I finally figured BlogFodder: Anticipate January 14, 2003 web I’ve subscribed to BlogFodder which is a “micromail” that provides a seed for weblog posting. Meg Hourihan mentioned it and it intriqued me. I’m How Bloggers Are Like Canadians January 13, 2003 web One of the fascinating characteristics of Canadians that I’ve observed (from the inside, since I’m Canadian) is the concern of what others the {fray} October 27, 2002 web Sometimes you see something that triggers a memory of a place that you haven’t visited in a while. I saw a link and then revisted the {fray} which Web Standards Project July 9, 2002 web Is it important to follow Web standards when it seems that Microsoft has an overwhelming market share? Why yes! I moved away from table-based That’s Why It’s the Web June 24, 2002 web & technology & people Sometimes when you surf around you find the strangest connections and then at some point you almost wind up looking at yourself in the mirror or at Mozilla 1.0 June 5, 2002 web & mozilla Yay! It’s official and Mozilla is now done. The open source browser born from the ashes of Netscape is finally released. It works well and I’ve been Another Reason to Use Mozilla May 11, 2002 software & technology & web If you don’t know about Mozilla, you should. It’s the child of Netscape, born back in the days when there was competition for Web browsers and Welcome to bitdepth! May 9, 2002 web Chris Campbell here. I’m finally starting a proper ’blog. While I’ve had a presence on the Web for the while it hasn’t been incredibly personalized.