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Changing Seasons April 29, 2006 weather It’s a beautiful day and I’m starting to get in a more contemplative mood. At work it’s now the Spring term, which means that the graduating First Storm of the Season November 17, 2004 weather What a difference a day makes. It was a nice looking snow storm, but it kept coming and when it was over there were close to 40 cm of snow on the First Snow of the Season November 13, 2004 weather I woke up this morning and while the forecast had called for snow, it still was a surprise to see snow covering everything. It’s so peaceful and Rain! November 14, 2002 weather Usually a safe thing to discuss amongst strangers is the weather…for some reason I’ve had a bit too much weather lately. We’ve had heavy rain in Snow! November 8, 2002 travel & weather I’m at my Mom and Dad’s house now… I drove up this afternoon to start attending the Tidal Wave Film Festival in Fredericton. Yesterday was a very