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Unmaking an Introduction June 22, 2015 clmooc & film & learning & music The past couple of years the Connected Learning MOOC (Massively Open Online Collaboration) has been conducted by Educator Innovator and the Sappyfest 9 - Day 2 August 3, 2014 festivals & music & sackville & sappyfest Shotgun Jimmie performs in Thunder & Lightning It’s the final day of Sappyfest as I write this and it’s been a lot of fun. Overall it feels a Sappyfest 9 August 2, 2014 festivals & music & sackville & sappyfest I suppose I am a bit of a completist. If there is something that is enjoyable and I like it, there is a tendency to want to get all of it. That’s Sappyfest 8 - Don’t Get Your Hopes Up August 14, 2013 festivals & music & sackville & sappyfest Timing is everything with Sappyfest and over the years I’ve realized that you just have to let the magic happen. Two days after the festival I was Sappyfest 7 August 11, 2012 festivals & music & sappyfest “It’s nice to see you again. I like what you’ve done to your hair and that outfit you’re wearing really makes you look taller.” — Team Sappy in Synthesizing Stories on Bad Metaphor 11 November 21, 2009 music & podcasting With some of my online homes I’ve been quite active and with others, not so much. One of the things that is quite enjoyable to do is record audio Sappyfest Year 3 August 17, 2008 music I’m very glad that I have a perfect record so far with Sappyfest and the third year was the best yet for the indie music festival in Sackville, New CC:365 July 4, 2006 music There is a lot of great Creative Commons licensed music out there, but it can be hard to find things that you like. Grant Robertson started a Mermaid Avenue December 11, 2005 music Ain’t nobody that can sing like me Way over yonder in the minor key One of my favourite singer / songwriters is Billy Bragg who is not afraid to Transatlanticism July 12, 2005 music This is the moment that you know That you told her that you loved her but you don’t. Gentle, understated and evocative are the lyrics and music Get Behind Me Satan July 5, 2005 music The White Stripes are a simple duo that have a knack for catchy, quirky songs that I love. With a bluesy feel and a 70s rock sound I always seem to Skimskitta June 30, 2005 music The very first online audio that I purchased was Skimskitta by Mira Calix. I found out about Mira Calix through a feature on CBC Radio 3 (click on Real Gone October 9, 2004 music The music was like electric sugar. The arrival of a new recording by Tom Waits is always exciting. The latest one, Real Gone, is bold and Medulla September 5, 2004 music It’s tricky when you feel someone has done something on your behalf Björk is a fairly unique and talented individual. Her new CD, Medúlla is People Like Us November 18, 2003 art & music & sound One thing that I’ve realized is that while I have a bit of a background and interest in sound I don’t have a lot of sound-related stuff on the Talkin’ Honky Blues October 16, 2003 music I hadn’t heard anything from Buck 65‘s new CD, Talkin’ Honky Blues, but I loved the other CD that I bought, so I got it and I love it. I’m listening Hail to the Thief June 22, 2003 music I’ve been listening to the new Radiohead CD, Hail to the Thief over the past week. It’s a bit downbeat, but that’s to be expected, and it continues Resonance FM May 7, 2003 music My regular Internet radio source has pretty much been Soma FM’s Secret Agent feed, but occasionally I need to listen to something different. Gair Square May 4, 2003 music One of the things that I love about living in Nova Scotia is that I keep discovering lots of talent all around…it’s not that there hasn’t been Elephant May 2, 2003 music A CD that I bought a couple of weeks ago is “Elephant” by The White Stripes. I had heard a few of their songs and seen the amazing Lego video for The Return of SomaFM! November 26, 2002 music I’m very happy to report that my favourite Internet radio station, SomaFM is back on the air. Their “Secret Agent” channel was my constant companion England, Half-English September 16, 2002 music One of my favourite musical artists is Billy Bragg. He’s got a new CD out with the Blokes called “England, Half-English.” I’ve been listening to it Internet Radio Dying a Painful Death June 22, 2002 music & copyright On June 20, 2002 my favourite Internet radio station, SomaFM went off the air. I’d first found them through iTunes in the Radio section. Their Tom Waits Interview May 29, 2002 music To coincide with the two new CDs that are out, the AV Club of The Onion features an interview with Tom Waits. He’s got an amazing way with words as Two New Tom Waits CDs! May 10, 2002 music I’m the proud owner of not one, but two new CDs from Tom Waits. Alice and Blood Money are more great additions to the library of one of the most