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Sappyfest 9 - Day 3 August 7, 2014 asphalt watches & banded stilts & basia bulat & constantines & festivals & michael feurerstack & olympic symphonium & rae spoon & sackville & sappyfest & shotgun & jaybird Basia Bulat Sappyfest is a lot of fun and it is possibly annual. At the very first festival the attitude was established. It was called the Sappy Sappyfest 9 - Day 2 August 3, 2014 festivals & music & sackville & sappyfest Shotgun Jimmie performs in Thunder & Lightning It’s the final day of Sappyfest as I write this and it’s been a lot of fun. Overall it feels a Sappyfest 9 August 2, 2014 festivals & music & sackville & sappyfest I suppose I am a bit of a completist. If there is something that is enjoyable and I like it, there is a tendency to want to get all of it. That’s Sappyfest 8 - Don’t Get Your Hopes Up August 14, 2013 festivals & music & sackville & sappyfest Timing is everything with Sappyfest and over the years I’ve realized that you just have to let the magic happen. Two days after the festival I was