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How and What I Watched in 2017 March 3, 2018 film & 52filmsbywomen & quantified self & lists Each year I watch a lot of films and to keep track of them can be a challenge, so the primary way that I log and remember films is through the What I’m Tracking in 2016 March 9, 2016 exist & fitbit & health & letterboxd & lifesum & quantified self & technology & withings Time for an update on what parts of myself get quantified and recorded this year. Last year I went through what I was tracking, so this year it’s Currently Tracking July 19, 2015 cortado & quantified self & reporter & software & your flowing data & zenobase Morning writing on 750words.com Apps for tracking my health It’s the beginning of summer and a good time to reflect a bit on what I’m recording Quantifying Yourself February 3, 2013 conferences & podcamp & podcamphfx & qs & quantified self Tracking what you do is a bit narcissistic when you do it, but in narcissism there is also some honesty. There is a level of courage in sharing